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Hil restaurant and other businesses in Serenbe
Courtyard in Serenbe
Houses in Serenbe

Serenbe is a neighborhood within the city limits of Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia, in Fulton County, in the Atlanta metropolitan area. Serenbe is an example of New Urbanism.

Serenbe was developed by Steve Nygren who had previously opened a Bed & Breakfast in the area.[1] The name "Serenbe" was his wife Marie's idea, and refers to the serenity of the location.[1]

Serenbe's residences consist of single-family houses and row houses. All have front porches, and none have backyards, but rather face on common greenspace and trails.[2] Close proximity to shops and services encourages walking. Architectural styles include Arts and Crafts-style cottages, loft-style townhouses and sleek modern "boxes".[1]

The village comprises three hamlets: The Selborne hamlet is devoted to the visual and culinary arts and currently contains the retail shops in Serenbe. The Grange hamlet has an agricultural theme, and the Mado hamlet, focuses on health and healing.[1]


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