Sergey Nikolayevich Ryzhikov

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Sergey Ryzhikov
Сергей Рыжиков
Sergey Ryzhikov at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City.jpg
Roscosmos Cosmonaut
Nationality Russian
Status Active
Born (1974-08-19) 19 August 1974 (age 43)
Bugulma, Russian SFSR
Other occupation
Rank Lieutenant colonel
Time in space
173 days 3 hours 15 minutes
Selection 2006 Cosmonaut Group (TsPK-14)
Missions Soyuz MS-02 (Expedition 49/50)
Mission insignia
Soyuz-MS-02-Mission-Patch.png ISS Expedition 49 Patch.png ISS Expedition 50 Patch.png

Sergey Nikolayevich Ryzhikov (Russian: Сергей Николаевич Рыжиков) born on August 19, 1974, lieutenant colonel of Russian Air Force, is a Russian cosmonaut, selected in 2006.[1][2] Ryzhikov launched on his first spaceflight onboard the Soyuz MS-02 spacecraft.[3] He spent approximately six months onboard the International Space Station taking part in Expedition 49/50, returning to Earth on April 10, 2017.[4][5]

Cosmonaut career[edit]

Expedition 49/50[edit]

The Expedition 50 flight portrait
Ryzikhov at work in Zvezda

Ryzhikov launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome for his first space flight to the ISS onboard Soyuz MS-02 as Soyuz commander, alongside fellow cosmonaut Andrei Borisenko and NASA astronaut and Expedition 50 commander Shane Kimbrough. They were joined by the crew of Soyuz MS-03 approximately one month into their mission. They safely returned to Earth on April 10, 2017, concluding their mission after 173 days on orbit.

The Soyuz MS-02 crew prior to undocking


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