Serra da Cantareira

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Serra da Cantareira
The range as seen from the São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport control tower
Highest point
Peak Pico do Jaraguá
Elevation 1,135 m (3,724 ft)
Coordinates 23°27′30″S 46°45′55″W / 23.45833°S 46.76528°W / -23.45833; -46.76528Coordinates: 23°27′30″S 46°45′55″W / 23.45833°S 46.76528°W / -23.45833; -46.76528
Country Brazil
Borders on Serra da Cantareira

The Serra da Cantareira is a Brazilian mountain range to the north of the city of São Paulo in the São Paulo state. The area has many walking trails, and is popular with locals.[1] The Pico do Jaraguá, São Paulo's highest point, is located there. This is also the place where the famous Brazilian band "Mamonas Assassinas" died in a plane crash.


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