Sewri Christian Cemetery

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Sewri cemetery
Statue in Sewri Christian Cemetery.jpg
Statue in Sewri Christian Cemetery
Established 1864
Location Sewri, Mumbai
Coordinates 19°00′04″N 72°51′04″E / 19.001°N 72.851°E / 19.001; 72.851
Type Public

The Sewri Christian Cemetery (Marathi: शिवडी ख्रिस्ती स्मशान भूमि Sewrī Kristi smashan bhumi) in Sewri, Mumbai, India, was established by Arthur Crawford, the first Municipal Commissioner of Bombay as a location for European burials. The land was acquired from the Agri-Horticulture Society's gardens in 1865. The bodies of Commonwealth military service personnel buried in the cemetery during the First and Second World Wars were all exhumed and reburied at Kirkee War Cemetery where permanent maintenance by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission could be assured,[1] with the exception of a Second World War soldier of the Women's Auxiliary Corps (India)[2] whose grave is still registered and maintained by the commission.

People buried[edit]

People Buried
Name Date Who
George Wittet 1926 Architect, designed the Gateway of India
Francis Newton Souza 2002 Avant Garde artist
Frederick William Stevens 1900 Architect of the Victoria Terminus
Dom Moraes 2004 Poet[3]
Joseph Baptista 1930 Mayor of Bombay
Cyril Frederick Golding 1951 25 Jun 1937, elected to the Bombay Legislative Assembly, from the constituency of the Bombay Chamber of Commerce and the Bombay Presidency Trades Association.



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