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Shadow ministry of Jodi McKay

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The Shadow Ministry of Jodi McKay was the Labor opposition from July 2019 to May 2021, opposing the Berejiklian government in the Parliament of New South Wales. It was led by Jodi McKay following her election as leader of the party and NSW Leader of the Opposition on 29 June 2019. The shadow ministry was announced on 3 July 2019.[1]

The shadow cabinet was made up of 27 members of the NSW Labor caucus.[2] 3 of the shadow ministers quit the shadow ministry in May 2021, culminating in the resignation of McKay as Leader of the Opposition on 28 May 2021. One of the shadow ministers who quit, Chris Minns, became the new Leader of the Opposition the following week, and the McKay shadow ministry was replaced by the Minns shadow ministry.

Shadow Cabinet[edit]

Officeholder Office(s) Faction
Jodi McKay MP Centre Unity[3]
Yasmin Catley MP
  • Deputy Leader of the Opposition
  • Shadow Minister for Rural and Regional Jobs
  • Shadow Minister for Building Reform and Property
NSW left[4]
Ryan Park MP
  • Shadow Minister for Health
  • Shadow Minister for Housing and Homelessness
  • Shadow Minister for the Illawarra and South Coast
  • Manager of Opposition Business
Centre Unity
Adam Searle MLC
  • Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council
  • Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy
  • Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations
  • Shadow Minister for Planning and Better Living
  • Shadow Minister for the North Coast
Centre Unity[5]
Penny Sharpe MLC
  • Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council (until 14 May 2021)[6]
  • Shadow Minister for Family and Community Services (until 14 May 2021)
  • Shadow Minister for Disability Inclusion (until 14 May 2021)
NSW left[4]
Walt Secord MLC
  • Shadow Treasurer (until 25 May 2021)[7]
  • Shadow Minister for the Arts (until 25 May 2021)
  • Shadow Special Minister of State (until 25 May 2021)
Centre Unity[8]
Paul Lynch MP
  • Shadow Attorney-General
NSW left[4]
Prue Car MP
  • Shadow Minister for Education
Centre Unity
John Graham MLC
  • Shadow Minister for Roads
  • Shadow Minister for Music and the Night Time Economy
NSW left[4]
Kate Washington MP
  • Shadow Minister for Environment and Heritage
  • Shadow Minister for Rural Health
Centre Unity[9]
Chris Minns MP
  • Shadow Minister for Transport (until 25 May 2021)[10]
  • Shadow Minister for Corrections (until 25 May 2021)
Centre Unity[3]
Sophie Cotsis MP
  • Shadow Minister for Better Public Services
Centre Unity[11]
Mick Veitch MLC
  • Shadow Minister for Industry and Trade
  • Shadow Minister for Rural Roads
  • Shadow Minister for Rural Affairs
  • Shadow Minister for Western New South Wales
NSW left[4]
Daniel Mookhey MLC
  • Shadow Minister for Finance and Small Business
  • Shadow Minister for the Gig Economy
Centre Unity
Lynda Voltz MP
  • Shadow Minister for Police and Counter-Terrorism
  • Shadow Minister for Sport and Recreation
NSW left[4]
David Harris MP
  • Shadow Minister for Regional Transport
  • Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Treaty
  • Shadow Minister for the Central Coast
Centre Unity
Clayton Barr MP
  • Shadow Minister for Water
  • Shadow Minister for Innovation, Science and Tertiary Education
  • Shadow Minister for the Hunter
Centre Unity
Jihad Dib MP
  • Shadow Minister for Skills and TAFE
  • Shadow Minister for Youth
  • Shadow Minister for Juvenile Justice
  • Shadow Minister Assisting on Multiculturalism
Centre Unity
Jenny Aitchison MP
  • Shadow Minister for Primary Industries
  • Shadow Minister for Investment and Tourism
  • Shadow Minister for Medical Research
Centre Unity
Greg Warren MP
  • Shadow Minister for Local Government
  • Shadow Minister for Veterans
  • Shadow Minister for Western Sydney
Centre Unity
Trish Doyle MP
  • Shadow Minister for Women and the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence
  • Shadow Minister for Emergency Services
  • Legislative Assembly Deputy Whip
NSW left[4]
Jo Haylen MP
  • Shadow Minister for Active Transport
  • Shadow Minister for Seniors and Volunteers
  • Shadow Minister for the Cost of Living
NSW left[4]
Paul Scully MP
  • Shadow Minister for Natural Resources
Centre Unity
Jodie Harrison MP
  • Shadow Minister for Early Childhood Learning
NSW left[4]
Julia Finn, MP
  • Shadow Minister for Consumer Protection
  • Shadow Minister for Carers
NSW left[4]
Tara Moriarty MLC
  • Shadow Minister for Crown Lands
  • Shadow Minister for Mental Health
Centre Unity
Peter Primrose MLC
  • Shadow Cabinet Secretary
NSW left[4]
Other Positions
Anna Watson MP
  • Legislative Assembly Whip
Centre Unity
Mark Buttigieg MLC
  • Legislative Council Whip
Centre Unity
Anthony D'Adam MLC
  • Legislative Council Deputy Whip
NSW left[4]

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