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Shady is an unincorporated community in Douglas County, Oregon, United States.[1] It is about two miles south of Roseburg on a stretch of Oregon Route 99 also known as the Oakland-Shady Highway.[2] Shady is outside Roseburg's urban growth boundary, but it does have sewer service.[3] Because of sewer availability, Douglas County considers Shady an "urban unincorporated area".[3][4] It is next to the South Umpqua River.[2]

Like nearby Green, Shady was a station on the Siskiyou Line of the Southern Pacific Railroad.[5] A cliff in the area is named "Shady Point".[6]


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Coordinates: 43°10′29″N 123°21′37″W / 43.174838°N 123.360349°W / 43.174838; -123.360349