Shahab Moradi

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Shahab Moradi
Born12 March 1972 (1972-03-12) (age 51)
Tehran, Iran

Shahab Moradi (/ʃæhɒb mrɒdi/; Persian: شهاب مرادی; born in Tehran), is an Iranian clergyman, preacher, and university lecturer.[1][2] He has appeared in different programs on Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting as an expert since 2000.[3]


Moradi is a social and climate change activist, and advocates for expanding green space by tree-planting and saving natural resources by promoting the scientific level of watershed management and, with students, annually planting trees in the outskirts of the city of Tehran on Arbor Day.[4][5]

Moradi has given talks at various Iranian universities and religious sites such as Fatima Masumeh Shrine, Imam Reza Shrine, and Shah Cheragh,[6][7][8] and has given international speeches.[9][10][11] He gave eulogies at the funerals of actor Khosrow Shakibaei,[12] singer Morteza Pashaei,[13] the environmentalist Mohammad Ali Inanloo,[14] and the Iranian military officer Qasem Soleimani.[15] He also delivered a speech following an earthquake in Kermanshah, Iran.[16]

Shahab Moradi is the founder of a non-governmental charity named madar-e-mehraban (/mɒdær-e-mehræbɒn/; Persian: مادر مهربان), known as mmcharity to feed children in need.[17]


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