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Sharooz (born Sharooz Raoofi) is a UK-based electronic music artist, DJ and producer. His work has appeared on a variety of record labels such as Modular, Fool's Gold,[1] and Sunday Best. Sharooz is also a co-owner in various electronic music and pro-audio ventures including sound design startup Sample Magic,[2] Attack Magazine, record label La Bombe [3] and the London Electronic Music Event.

Since his debut release in 2006, he has remixed a wide range of artists including Moby, Robyn and Howard Jones. His biggest selling tracks are 'Hell Yeah' and 'Get Off' which have been aired numerous times on BBC Radio 1, picking up plays by DJs such as Boys Noize, Moby, 2 Many Djs and Pete Tong.[4] As a DJ he has toured extensively, appearing in the USA, Australia, Holland, Russia, France, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and South Korea.

Sharooz has featured in Future Music magazine three times, firstly in May 2009 where he was filmed for a cover feature and interviewed about the technical aspects of music production,[5] in January 2011 as part of the magazine's 'Producer Special'.[6] and in April 2014 for a 'Studio Tour' feature.[7] Under various guises he has written and produced works for motion picture such as the Palme d'Or nominated film Rust and Bone via a publishing agreement with EMI Music Publishing.[8] Working alongside Dave Audé he has played keyboards on remixes of artists such as The Pussycat Dolls[9] and appeared as a mix engineer on a remix of the Bryan Ferry song Shameless.[10] Sharooz has also composed the soundtrack for a performance by the Gothenburg contemporary dance company Art of Spectra, choreographed by Peter Svenzon.[11] In June 2010 he worked with Mylo on a remix for Robyn on her own Konichiwa Records label.[12] Sharooz has worked extensively as a sound designer, on Propellerhead's Reason software,[13] where he composed a demo song and programmed 'Kong' device patches, on Steinberg's VST Sound Loop Sets [14] and Groove Agent SE plugin, Korg's Microsampler, Gadget iPad app, Electribe Sampler and Kronos workstation, programming patches, banks and loops.[15]

Sharooz has endorsed Focal Twin 6 BE monitors, Steinberg's Cubase DAW,[16] Prism Sound's Orpheus audio interface,[17] and FXpansion plugins,[18] having designed patches for their Geist plugin.[19]

Sharooz is also a co-founder of the Sounds to Sample website. In October 2010, Raoofi and his business partner David Felton sold Sounds to Sample to US based music download company Beatport[20]

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