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Shaw Hall factory was a cotton mill in the 19th century in lower Matley, Hyde, Greater Manchester in which nearly 200 people worked. In its location now is a street (Shaw Hall Avenue) named after the factory. The factory was demolished in the early 20th century to make way for the street. The mill is marked as Shawhall Mill and Mount Pleasant Mill in maps of 1898 and 1910, respectively.[1][2]


The factory was built during the Industrial Revolution in the early 19th century and was a cotton mill throughout its life. It was run as the Shaw Hall Cotton Spinning Company and owned by the Ashton Brothers & Co Ltd. Now in its place is a street called Shaw Hall Avenue which runs off Matley Lane, that links Hyde town centre and outer Newton, Matley and Harrop Edge. The cotton came mainly came from India.


The factory had many fires in its time, some harmless some fatal, but the sturdy structure stood until it was demolished in the 1920s. The old millstones and bricks have smoke stains still on them and the stones have been used as walls for the 1930s houses and the bricks for the houses. Some curved bricks have been found on the site of the mill.


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