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She's Got the Look
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Genre Reality television
Presented by Kim Alexis (2008-2009)
Brooke Burke (2010)
Judges Beverly Johnson(2008-2009)
Robert Verdi (2008-2010)
Sean Patterson (2008-2010)
Roshumba Williams (2010)
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
Executive producer(s) Allison Grodner
Keith Cox
Sal Maniaci
Sean Patterson
Corey Preston
Producer(s) Jeff Nucera
Brandon Panaligan
Ryan Simpkins
Running time 60 mins.
Distributor FremantleMedia Enterprises
Original network TV Land
Original release June 4, 2008 – September 29, 2010
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She's Got the Look is a reality series created for and aired on TV Land. Hosted by model Kim Alexis, twenty women compete to become the next great supermodel 35 years or older.[1] Celebrity judges, Robert Verdi, Sean Patterson and Roshumba Williams, whittle down the cast of twenty until they find the one who has ‘the look.’ Beverly Johnson was a judge for the first two seasons. The winner receives a lucrative modeling contract with the world famous Wilhelmina Models, Inc and a photo spread for Self.

TV Land’s nationwide search, which included months of online submissions, auditions and regional competitions in Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York City resulted in flying twenty contenders to New York. These semi-finalists were put to the test of expressing themselves and their fashion know-how. Ten finalists were then selected to live in a loft and compete in challenges such as photo shoots, runway competitions and tests on their fashion sense. At the conclusion of the competition, one woman is crowned the ultimate winner.

The series premiered on June 4, 2008 with six back-to-back episodes. A second season aired in 2009. Season three premiered on August 25, 2010. There are currently no plans to continue the show.

Host and Judges[edit]

Season 1[edit]



Call-out order[edit]

Order 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 Roxanne Bahia Tanya Hope Celeste Bahia Tanya Tanya
2 Celeste Celeste Hope Tanya Karin Celeste Karin Karin
3 Sharon Tanya Paula Celeste Tanya Tanya Bahia
4 Paula Melissa Celeste Melissa Bahia Karin Celeste
5 Kathy Roxanne Karin Bahia Hope Hope
6 Karin Paula Bahia Karin Melissa
7 Bahia Hope Roxanne Roxanne Roxanne
8 Melissa Karin Melissa Paula
9 Tanya Sharon Sharon
10 Hope Kathy
     The contestant won the leg-up challenge.
     The contestant was eliminated.
     The contestant won the reward challenge but was eliminated at the same episode
     The contestant was eliminated outside of judging panel
     The contestant won the competition.
  • In Episode 2, Kathy was called after Paula but was eliminated, leaving Hope, Karin, and Sharon uncalled. Sharon was ultimately eliminated among those three.
  • In Episode 4, Roxanne was called after Tanya but was eliminated, leaving Bahia, Hope, and Melissa uncalled. Melissa was ultimately eliminated among those three.

Season 2[edit]

On September 16, 2008, TV Land announced casting for Season 2 of the series. Open casting calls were held in Los Angeles on September 29, 2008, in Dallas on October 2, 2008, in Chicago on October 6, 2008 and in New York City on October 8, 2008.[3][4] On June 11, 2009, TV Land aired the first episode of Season 2. Eleven semi-finalists were chosen instead of the traditional ten.[5]


Call-out order[edit]

Order 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 Dolores Dolores Theresa Cindy &
Cindy &
Shelly Cindy Cindy
2 Jamie LeeAnne Sandy Cindy LeeAnne Theresa
3 Sandy Rachel LeeAnne Dolores LeeAnne Theresa LeeAnne
4 Cindy Theresa Jamie Jamie Jamie Theresa Shelly
5 Jacqueline Jamie Shelly LeeAnne LeeAnne Jamie
6 Laurie Sandy Dolores Shelly Shelly Dolores
7 Theresa Shelly Cindy Rachel Rachel
8 Rachel Raquel Rachel Sandy
9 Raquel Cindy Raquel
10 LeeAnne Jacqueline
11 Shelly Laurie
     The contestant won the leg-up challenge.
     The contestant was eliminated.
     The contestant voluntarily withdrew from the competition.
     The contestant won the competition.
  • In Episode 1, ten semi-finalists were originally chosen to enter the competition, but Shelly was added as an eleventh semi-finalist.
  • In Episode 4, the women performed as duos. Cindy and Theresa were jointly called first, then Rachel and Sandy were called forward as the bottom two, simultaneously revealing Dolores, Jamie, LeeAnne, and Shelly to be safe.
  • In Episode 5, LeeAnne, Rachel, and Shelly were called forward as the bottom three, simultaneously revealing Cindy, Dolores, Jamie, and Theresa to be safe.
  • In Episode 6, Dolores was called after Shelly but was eliminated, leaving Cindy, Jamie, LeeAnne, and Theresa as-then uncalled. Jamie was ultimately eliminated among those four.

Season 3[edit]

On August 25, 2010, TV Land aired the first episode of the new season of the series. Brooke Burke replaced Kim Alexis as the host for the third season and Beverly Johnson was replaced by Roshumba Williams. The cast was kept to the traditional ten contestants.


(ages stated are at time of contest)

Contestant Age Hometown Rank
Annie Batista 35 Brooklyn, New York 10th
Kathleen Neumann 41 Livonia, Michigan 9th
Kim Maier 37 N/A 8th
Susan Master 54 Columbus, Ohio 7th
Diane Capozzi 39 Natick, Massachusetts 6th
Regina "Nina" Cash 43 Long Beach, California 5th
Jocelyn Williams 40 Round Rock, Texas 4th
Julie Love-Templeton 36 Tuscaloosa, Alabama 3rd
Rachelle Love 35 Memphis, Tennessee Runner-Up
Marilin Archie 38 Los Angeles, California Winner

Call-out order[edit]

Order 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 Jocelyn Nina Julie Marilin Marilin Julie Rachelle Rachelle Marilin
2 Rachelle Diane Rachelle Rachelle Jocelyn Marilin Julie Marilin Rachelle
3 Annie Susan Kim Nina Julie Rachelle Marilin Julie
4 Julie Rachelle Diane Diane Nina Jocelyn Jocelyn
5 Diane Jocelyn Marilin Julie Rachelle Nina
6 Kathleen Kathleen Jocelyn Jocelyn Diane
7 Susan Julie Nina Susan Susan
8 Kim Marilin Susan Kim
9 Nina Kim Kathleen
10 Marilin Annie
     The contestant was eliminated.
     The contestant won the leg-up challenge.
     The contestant won the leg-up challenge, but was eliminated.
     The contestant won two leg-up challenges.
     The contestant won the competition.
  • In Episode 1 the casting call-out order was not shown. The table reflects the call-out order from the first elimination.
  • In Episode 2, the women were given makeovers, but Jocelyn was reluctant to have her hair cut to a shorter length. Marilin won the leg-up challenge and was granted immunity from elimination. She chose to save her immunity for use later in the competition.
  • In Episode 3 the women did a wire-suspension fashion show for their elimination challenge. Julie was afraid to do the challenge due to her fear of heights, but still chose to perform the task. Marilin used her immunity from elimination, granted to her in the previous episode.
  • In Episode 4 after Marilin and Jocelyn were said to be safe, Diane, Julie, and Susan were called out. Susan was eliminated and Julie was said to be safe. Diane was eliminated, simultaneously revealing Nina and Rachelle to be safe.
  • In Episode 6 Jocelyn, Julie, and Marilin were called out after Rachelle was safe, and Jocelyn was eliminated, simultaneously revealing Marilin and Julie to be safe.


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