Shedden, Elgin County, Ontario

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Shedden, Ontario is a hamlet in Southwold Township, Elgin County in southwestern Ontario, Canada. It is known as "The Rhubarb Capital of Ontario" and is home to the "Rosy Rhubarb Festival" which is held in early June each summer with the big Shedden tractor pull that comes the week after. Rhubarb is the primary crop in the surrounding area. It was named in honour of John Shedden who was the foreman during the construction of Toronto's Union Station.

It contains a public library, medical clinic, volunteer-based fire hall, grocery store, variety store, restaurant, hair salon.[citation needed]

Shedden gained international attention on April 8, 2006 when the bodies of eight men were discovered in a farmer's field outside of the town[1] (see Shedden massacre).

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  • Coboconk, Ontario, a village in south-central Ontario that went by the name of Shedden for a period of seven years in the 1870s.


  1. ^ "8 bodies found on Ontario farm's field", CBC News, April 8, 2006.

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