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Directed byAzfar Jafri
StarringMikaal Zulfiqar
Armeena Rana Khan
Hassan Niazi
Sabeeka Imam
NK Pictures
Distributed byARY Films
Release date
  • 22 March 2019 (2019-03-22)
Box office10.12 crore (US$960,000)[1]

Sherdil is a 2019 Pakistani action film directed by Azfar Jafri and starring Mikaal Zulfiqar, Hassan Niazi, Armeena Rana Khan and Sabeeka Imam.[2] The film revolves around Pakistan Air Force.


The film opens during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, where two Pakistani F-86 Sabre fighters are doing a CAP (Combat Air Patrol). The flight leader, Squadron Leader Sikander Mustafa, and his wingman spot three Indian Folland Gnat fighters flying in Pakistani airspace. The PAF (Pakistan Air Force) planes engage the IAF (Indian Air Force) fighters with Sikander shooting down one Gnat with his guns and another with an air-to-air missile. The third gnat gets behind Sikander's wingman and gets ready to shoot him down. Sikander tries to shoot down the final Gnat with his guns but can't as they become jammed. Rather than see his wingman shot down, Sikander heroically crashes his plane into the last Gnat and is thus martyred.

The film jumps to present day showing a young man, Harris Mustafa (Mikaal Zulfiqar) who is the grandson of Sikander Mustafa, and his best friend Fawad (Ibrahim Alavi) both dreaming of joining the PAF and becoming fighter pilots. Harris's parents are very disapproving of his career choice, especially his father who is a wealthy businessman who wishes for Harris to join the family business instead. However Harris's grandmother, widow of Sikander, is supportive of his ambitions. When Harris is accepted into the PAF academy, his father disowns him saddening Harris. However Harris's grandmother encourages him and fully supports him. Harris, Fawad and two of their new found friends Harijeet, a Pakistani Sikh, and Irfan, a goofy character who endures a lot of ridicule from his instructors, then undergo a hard, tough and sometimes comedic time during their training and selection at the academy. During this time Harris meets and falls in love with a archaeological student named Sabrina (Armeena Khan) and tries to pursue her amidst various obstacles such as Fawad who he at times competes with for her affection. Eventually Sabrina warms up to Harris and they both fall in love. Fawad is caught cheating on a written test and is expelled, much to his satisfaction as he was becoming disgruntled with military life. Harris and Irfan graduate and are selected as fighter pilots while Harjeet becomes a Military Air Traffic Control operator. Harris, now with the rank of Flight Lieutenant, asks for Sabrina's hand in marriage, and although she loves him tells him that she cannot bear the thought of marrying someone whose life would be in danger constantly and asks him to leave the PAF. When he states that he loves her but cannot make that decision, she bids him farewell and leaves.

Political tensions then arise India and Pakistan and the armed forces of Pakistan are put on high alert. Harris's grandmother then falls sick and dies leaving him further devastated and more at odds with his family as he was not home for her final days due to his duties. Indian fighter planes then violate the Kashmir border, and Harris and Irfan are both scrambled in their JF-17 Thunder's to intercept the intruders. They encounter 2 IAF Mirage 2000's and engage in a dogfight with them. Irfan shoots down one Mirage with his missile but encounters problems with his plane when the debris of the exploding Mirage enters his turbine. He is able to successfully fly his plane home while Harris engages the lone Mirage in a very lengthy and rigorous dog-fight. As Harris is about to shoot down the enemy plane the Mirage pilot pulls a last second evasive maneuver and escapes while Harris almost crashes into a mountain. Though Harris survives with his plane and was successful in the encounter his superiors and disappointed with him in almost losing his plane and life. They are very reluctant to send him to the International Flight School in the UAE where they are holding a joint exercise and competition with pilots and planes from various air forces around the world, but end up sending him as they believe he would benefit greatly from the experience.

At the flight school he encounters Flight Lieutenant Arun Veerani, a Mirage 2000 fighter pilot who he realizes was the pilot that evaded him in the earlier aerial encounter. Harris and Arun are initially very hostile to each other but are then forced to work together when they are disciplined for unprofessional behavior at the school and then warm up to each other. Arun falls in love with Sarah Francis, and instructor at the flight school and pursues her while Harris also encounters Sabrina and Fawad travelling in UAE and it appears that they are getting close to each other much to Harris's disappointment. They all undergo experiences and misadventures with certain gangsters in Dubai which help all of them becoming more friendly with each other and end up saving each other's lives. Harris wins the international flight school competition for Pakistan and he and Arun depart on friendly terms.

When Harris returns to Pakistan he is depressed when Fawad tells him he is getting married, but is surprised when he finds out its to another girl named Zara. Fawad tells him that him and Sabrina are no more than friends, and Harris deciding he cant live without Sabrina goes to her and tells her he is ready to leave the PAF if that is what it takes for her to marry him. She agrees to marry him, but only if he remains with the PAF, as she realizes that she cannot let him give up his dream and passion for serving his country. Harris and Sabrina get married in a joyous festival with all their friends present. As they are planning their honeymoon their happiness is cut short when political tensions once again arise between India and Pakistan, with the Indian armed forces threatening to perform surgical strikes along the Pakistan-controlled Kashmir area. Sabrina is horrified at the risk Harris's life is in, but he states that he must do what is required of him, to which she then gives him her full support.

Harris and Irfan are sent on a CAP along the Kashmir border when all of a sudden they encounter 2 Indian Mirage-2000's again. As they go after them a missile locks onto Harris's plane and he tries to evade it and does so successfully. Another missile is fired at Harris and they realize there are two more Mirage aircraft behind them. After pulling a previously practiced maneuver him and Irfan evade the missile and cause it to hit one of the Mirages they were pursuing. Irfan then goes after the second mirage while Harris performs a steep climb to lead the other two mirages away. When they reach a very high altitude, Harris is able to get behind one of the Mirages and shoot at it with his guns and causing enough damage for it to break off and fly home. Harris then comes face to face with the remaining Mirage who he realizes is being flown by Arun. Now forced to fight with each other, Harris and Arun engage in a dogfight with Harris ending up in the dominant position. Harris then hesitates about shooting Arun down due to their friendship, and then hears a distress call from his wingman Irfan who is now being shot at by the Mirage he was pursuing. Harris spares Arun and tells him to leave the area and flies towards Irfan but is too late. The Mirage shoots down Irfan's JF-17 with guns to which Harris then angrily shoots down the Mirage with guns as well. However Harris is locked on by Arun again who tell him that this decision is "out of his hands" and upto his superiors and tries to shoot Harris down with a missile. Harris performs a steep climb and Arun follows and is about to shoot down Harris but loses him in the heavy clouds. Harris then comes up behind him, says "Sorry my friend" and shoots Arun's plane down with a missile. Due to the low-fuel and damage sustained, Harris has to make an emergency landing but does so successfully. Then he is greeted by with a hero's welcome by all the PAF ground personnel and his superiors, and he is then elated to see Irfan as well who survived being shot down and embraces him. He is at last greeted by his now wife Sabrina, and to his surprise his father, who has finally accepted his profession and is proud of the way his son defended his country.

In the closing scenes we see Arun, who also survived being shot down, stuck with his parachute in a tree on the Pakistan side of the border. He then calls Sarah requesting for help, telling her that he has crash landed in Pakistan.



The film was released on 22 March, 2019.


Box office[edit]

Sherdil collected around 1.15 crore on the first day, adding 1.7 crore and 1.3 lacs on Saturday and Sunday, respectively, reaching up to 4.15 crore by the end of opening weekend.[3][4] After 17 days it collected 9.50 crores.[5] It has collected a total of 10.12 crores.

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