Shezhuang Temple

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Shezhuang Temple
Basic information
Location Jinqiao, Pudong, Shanghai
Affiliation Taoist
Architectural description
Architectural style Chinese architecture, Taoist
Completed 17th century
Ming Dynasty

The Shezhuang Temple (simplified Chinese: 社庄庙; traditional Chinese: 社莊廟; pinyin: Shèzhuāng Miào) is a Taoist temple in the Jinqiao district of Shanghai, China. It was built at the end of the Ming dynasty in the 17th century in honour of a man named Jin San. A building of fine Chinese architecture, the temple was originally surrounded by an old village that was demolished in the late 2000s to make space for new developments.

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Coordinates: 31°14′01″N 121°35′43″E / 31.2337°N 121.5953°E / 31.2337; 121.5953