Shezhuang Temple

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Shezhuang Temple
Basic information
Location Jinqiao, Pudong, Shanghai
Affiliation Taoist
Country People's Republic of China
Architectural description
Architectural style Chinese architecture, Taoist
Completed 17th century
Ming Dynasty

The Shezhuang Temple (simplified Chinese: 社庄庙; traditional Chinese: 社莊廟; pinyin: Shèzhuāng Miào) is a Taoist temple in the Jinqiao district of Shanghai, China. It was built at the end of the Ming dynasty in the 17th century in honour of a man named Jin San. A building of fine Chinese architecture, the temple was originally surrounded by an old village that was demolished in the late 2000s to make space for new developments.

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Coordinates: 31°14′01″N 121°35′43″E / 31.2337°N 121.5953°E / 31.2337; 121.5953