Shiny Happy Jihad

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Shiny Happy Jihad
Shiny Happy.jpg
Studio album by Joe Rogan
Released April 10, 2007
Recorded September, 2006
Genre Comedy
Label Comedy Central Records
Producer Chandra Keyes, Joe Rogan, Jeff Sussman, Jack Vaughn
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I'm Gonna Be Dead Someday
Shiny Happy Jihad
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]

Shiny Happy Jihad is an album by American comedian Joe Rogan, released on April 10, 2007 by Comedy Central Records.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Fear Factor"
  2. "Pot, Jet Packs, and Peace in the Middle East (And Drunk People Yelling Shit on My CD)"
  3. "72 Virgins"
  4. "Suicide Bombings, Sad Penis, and Big Party Girl"
  5. "Jerk Off First, Safe Zone"
  6. "Bisexual Dudes Givin' Advice"
  7. "Gay Is Funny, Brokeback Mountain"
  8. "Osama Is Right Out of a Comic Book and the Terrorist Cell Phone Network"
  9. "Boycotting and People Who Like Animals More Than People, March of the Penguins"
  10. "Weird Spots In the Middle"
  11. "Big Dick Pills"
  12. "Pussy Whipped, Best Friends"
  13. "Dumb People Out-Breeding Smart People Explains the Pyramids"
  14. "I Was Raised Catholic, In Search of Noah's Ark"
  15. "We're on a Rock Flying Through Space"
  16. "Wesley Snipes, The UFC, and Jim Brown"
  17. "Fear Factor Is Cancelled, Telemundo, and Mike Goldberg"
  18. "Eddie Bravo, Show Me Your Pussy, and Text Messaging"
  19. "Lady and Her Son, Ex-Boyfriends Are Hungry Wolves"