Shooting at the 1900 Summer Olympics – Men's trap

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Men's trap shooting
at the Games of the II Olympiad
Date July 15–17
Competitors 31 from 3 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Roger de Barbarin
2nd, silver medalist(s) René Guyot
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Justinien de Clary
1908 →
Shooting at the
1900 Summer Olympics
Shooting pictogram.svg
25 metre rapid fire pistol men
50 metre free pistol men
50 metre free pistol, team men
Trap shooting men
300 metre free rifle, standing men
300 metre free rifle, kneeling men
300 metre free rifle, prone men
300 metre free rifle, three positions men
300 metre free rifle, team men

The trap shooting was one of the competitions in the shooting at the 1900 Summer Olympics events in Paris. It was held from Sunday, July 15 to Tuesday, July 17, 1900. Thirty-one athletes from three nations competed.


Each shooter fired at 20 targets, scoring 1 point for each target hit. It is not known how the three-way for first was broken, nor are scores beyond 14th place known.

Place Shooter Score
1  Roger de Barbarin (FRA) 17
2  René Guyot (FRA) 17
3  Justinien de Clary (FRA) 17
4  César de Bettex (FRA) 16
5  Hilaret (FRA) 15
6  Édouard Geynet (FRA) 13
7  Jules Charpentier (FRA) 12
 Charles de Jaubert (FRA) 12
 Joseph Labbé (FRA) 12
 Sidney Merlin (GBR) 12
 André de Schonen (FRA) 12
 Sion (FRA) 12
13  Amédée Aubry (FRA) 11
 Gheorghe Plagino (ROU) 11
15  Maurice Bucquet (FRA) Unknown
16  Léon Moreaux (FRA) Unknown
17  Reverdin (FRA) Unknown
18  Jacques Nivière (FRA) Unknown
19  Gaston Legrand (FRA) Unknown
20  Ador (FRA) Unknown
21  André Mercier (FRA) Unknown
22  Roger Nivière (FRA) Unknown
23  Paul de Montholon (FRA) Unknown
24  de Saint-James (FRA) Unknown
25  Soucaret (FRA) Unknown
26  Pierre Perrier (FRA) Unknown
27  G. Brosselin (FRA) Unknown
28  A. Darnis (FRA) Unknown
29  N. Guyot (FRA) Unknown
30  Pourchainaux (FRA) Unknown
31  Anjou (FRA) Unknown


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