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For the front of a shop, see Storefront
Shopfront Contemporary Arts Centre, Carlton

Shopfront contemporary arts centre (also known as Shopfront Theatre For Young People) has members between the ages of 10 and 25, located in Carlton, New South Wales, Australia. Shopfront provides a place, resources, training, and development opportunities for young artists. The Shopfront building is a theatre facility, with three rehearsal studios, sound studio and digital film editing suite.

Company history[edit]

Shopfront was formed in 1976, by Errol Bray and Garry Fry, two theatre directors with a goal in mind that young people needed their own space to create work with independence and creative freedom. Shopfront started running workshops in Hurstville under the name St George Theatre for Young People. In 1977 Shopfront started renting a venue on Carlton Parade with a dancehall, adjacent house and two shops and renamed itself as Shopfront Theatre for Young People. Thirty years later Shopfront is still at this venue but have since shortened its name to Shopfront. In 1979 the co-operative raised money to buy the building – through 50-hour Actathons, costume parades, raffles, income from show, donations they raised $43,000, and with the additional help of Rockdale and Hurstville Council, the NSW Government, with a bank loan the building was purchased.

Current Staff[edit]

Executive Director / CEO: Daniel Potter

Outreach Director: Hannah Grant

Acting Accessibility Director: Natalie Rose

Workshops Coordinator: Hannah Strout

Production Manager: Kevin Ng

Notable Ex-members[edit]

Former Staff[edit]

Kathy Henkel, Gabrielle Dalton, Don Munro, Errol Bray, Garry Fry, Robert Love, Michael Webb, TJ Eckleberg, Michael McLaughlin, Kaela Scott, Faye Westwood, Jeremy Rice, Paul Dwyer, John De Feu, Kate Clugston, Beck Ronkston, Katrina Douglas, Christina Mimmocchi, Mishline Jammal, Greg Bull, Lynne Atkinson, Sarah Emery, Nerida Woods, Gemma Garner, Saskia Vromans, Caitlin Newton Broad, Howard Matthew, Amanda Foote, Margot Politis, Gemma Deacon, Andy Paviour, Richard Williams, Rob Simpson, Meg Simpson, Marianne Bragge, Aylin Cimilli, Peter Callinan, Justin Byrne,

Past Shows[edit]

  • "Star-Crossed, 2017"
  • "The Greg Show, 2016"
  • "Welcome To My World, 2016"
  • "Piece By Piece redux, 2016"
  • "Chasing Your Shadow, 2015"
  • "Romeo and Juliet, 2015"
  • "The Hungry Games, 2014"
  • "Out of Line, 2014"
  • "CITADEL, 2014"
  • "The Drawing, 2013"
  • "A Walk in the Dark, 2013"
  • "Travel Songs of Sea and Land, 2013"
  • DanceHall Daze, 2012"'
  • "Arcade Assembly, 2012"
  • "Island, 2011"
  • "Machine Atlas, 2011"
  • ""Imagine Title Here, 2010""
  • "At the drive-in, 2010"
  • "Detours and Destinations, 2010"
  • Too Good To Be True, 2009"
  • "three:Artslab Residency Showing, 2009"
  • "Superperfect, 2009"
  • "RAW reanimated meat, 2009"
  • "Rambos on Rollerskates, 2009"
  • "Villainous Business, 2008"
  • "Atomiser:ArtsLab Residency Showing, 2008"
  • "(lost toy story), 2008"directed by TJ Eckleberg
  • "RAW no use-by date, 2008"
  • "Dracula's cabaret disco, 2008"
  • "Kaboom:ArtsLab Residency Showing, 2007"
  • "A City of Shadows and Ice, 2007"directed by TJ Eckleberg
  • "RAW-Shaken&Stirred, 2007"
  • "Polyphonic Bonus Features, 2007"directed by Chris Ryan
  • "The Tuesday Clan, 2006"
  • "POP UP!, 2006"directed by TJ Eckleberg
  • "RAW On Fire, 2006"
  • "Shifting Spirits, 2005"
  • "The(Neo)Sun, 2005"
  • "Angels in the Architecture, 2005"directed by TJ Eckleberg
  • "Drop It Like It's RAW, 2005"
  • "Shimmerer, 2004"
  • "Off the Wall, 2004"
  • "Menus 4 Madness, 2004"
  • "Wadya Call Me?, 2004"directed by TJ Eckleberg
  • "RAWAir, 2004"
  • "Frog Rocket, 2003"
  • "CODA, 2003"directed by TJ Eckleberg
  • "Rated X" directed by Jeremy Rice – won AWGIE for best play (PP Cranney and the participants)
  • "Laugh and Have No Care" directed by Alison Richardson
  • "Laugh or Die" directed by Julia Zemiro
  • "Gannon's Forest Gothic" directed by Jeremy Rice
  • "Picnic at Hanging Rock" directed by Jeremy Rice
  • "St George and the Dragon" produced by Christina Mimmocchi
  • "Mary Queen of Scots" directed by Gemma Garner
  • "Detective Story" directed by Jeremy Rice
  • "Za Dusa"
  • "Make RAW Not War, 2003"
  • "Live By The Die, 2002"
  • Bella's Caravan", conducted by Christina Mimmocchi
  • "RATED M, 1992–1993, Directed by Kaela Scott, Winner of Australia Day Award 1994"
  • "Types Like Us" and "When the Sky Falls" 1990, Pacific Rim Tour to Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Canada, and the United States. Directed by John De Feu and Michael McLaughlin.
  • "Piece By Piece", 1985 US/Canada Tour
  • 1984 UK Tour
  • 1986 UK Tour - "Power Play" - Dir. Kingston Anderson and "Great Australian Family Show" - Dir. Cathy Henkel
  • "Room – The Musical," 1983
  • "The Caravan Touring Company, 1980"
  • "The Playground Play Touring Company, 1979"
  • "Quest for the IYC (ie International Year Of The Child) Touring Company, 1979"
  • "Childmyth", 1979"
  • "Concrete Sox", 1978"
  • "Thirteen", 1977"
  • "Playground Re-Play", 1978
  • "Kid's Cabaret 1978
  • "Cappelletti", by John Turnbull, 1978
  • "The Playground Play" 1977
  • "Replica" 1980
  • "A Rose For Zhivord Gardovich" 1980


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