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Max Gillies AM (born 16 November 1941, Melbourne) is an Australian actor and a founding member of the 1970s experimental theatre company, the Australian Performing Group.


In 1984–85, Gillies hosted The Gillies Report on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. This was followed in 1986 by Gillies Republic and in 1992 by Gillies and Company. He was known for his ability to dress up and parody a wide range of political figures, both on television and in live solo theatrical performances (i.e. The Big Con, You're Dreaming). In July 2008 he resurrected his caricatures of Australia's former prime ministers in a live production of No Country for Old PMs: An Evening with Max Gillies at the Noosa Long Weekend festival.[citation needed]

Gillies stated in an interview with The Courier-Mail that he and co-writer Guy Rundle were watching (now former) Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, for a possible new caricature in a new production being developed. "I'm watching him closely" he said.[1]


Gillies became a Member of the Order of Australia in 1990.


Gillies, through his television programmes or theatre performances, has caricatured the following:


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