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Origin Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Years active 1993 (1993)–1996 (1996)
Past members
  • Matt
  • Tim
  • Nick

Shotmaker was a Canadian post-hardcore/emo group formed in 1993 by Matt, Tim, and Nick from Belleville and Ottawa, Ontario.


Shotmaker’s catalogue comprises three 7”s, two full-length LP’s and a 12” split EP. There is also a Shotmaker Demo Tape which is not included in the Complete Discography Double CD.

The group parted ways in 1996, but released their double CD retrospective The Complete Discography: 1993-1996 in 2000, comprising almost the entirety of their recorded material (not including a Demo Tape), including several tracks exclusive to compilations and three unreleased songs. 33 of the 43 tracks were lifted straight from vinyl due to DAT tapes being lost.[1]

From their first 7” (pulled due to its controversial cover illustrating a child holding a pistol) to their final LP, Shotmaker’s success lies in the intermingling of explosive riffs and complex, flowing rhythms, creating tensions best exhibited in Table, where tempos and time signatures shuffle in and out at break-neck speed. However, a number of disparate moods are explored, such as the abrasive curve or the restrained controller.controller. The trio approach catchy on 10/22/94, and an untitled instrumental track on their final album includes nothing but acoustic guitar played over radio frequency white noise.

The lyrics are rather ambiguous, sung and screamed with an urgency that complements the unyielding compositions. There is a sincerity about something, but just exactly what is open for interpretation.

Shotmaker’s members went on to play in such bands as the short lived 30 Second Motion Picture, Three Penny Opera, and The Grey.


  • The band Controller.Controller took their name from a song on Mouse Ear [Forget-Me-Not].[1]
  • The vinyl LP "The Crayon Club" has accidentally (?) written "The Candy Club" on the spine of the sleeve.


Title Date of Release Label
The Crayon Club 1994 The Great American Steak Religion
Mouse Ear [Forget-Me-Not] 1996 Troubleman Unlimited[2]
Title Date of Release Label
Little Kid 7" 1993 Kung-Fu Manticore
Bull 7" 1994 Kung-Fu Manticore
Split 7" w/ Watershed 1994 Vital Communications
Split 12" w/ Maximillian Colby 1995 Nervous Wreck Kids
Compilation Contributions
Song Title Compilation Title Date of Release Label
Pilot All The President's Men 1994 Old Glory Records
7:14 heartattack No. 10 1996 Ebullition Records
Title Date of Release Label
The Complete Discography: 1993-1996 2000 Troubleman Unlimited[2]


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