Sicilian regional election, 2006

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Sicilian regional election, 2006
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All 80 seats to the Sicilian Regional Assembly
  Majority party Minority party
  Cuffaro foto del18 sett.2006 044.jpg Rita Borsellino.gif
Leader Salvatore Cuffaro Rita Borsellino
Party UDC The Olive Tree
Alliance House of Freedoms The Union
Last election 57 seats, 59,1% 29 seats, 36.6%
Seats won 55 35
Seat change -2 +6
Popular vote 1,374,706 1,078,179
Percentage 53.1% 41.6%
Swing -6,0% +5,0%

President of Sicily before election

Salvatore Cuffaro
House of Freedoms

President of Sicily

Salvatore Cuffaro
House of Freedoms

The Sicilian regional election of 2006 for the renewal of the Sicilian Regional Assembly and the Presidency of Sicily was held on 28 May 2006.

The election was competed by three competitors: Salvatore Cuffaro, incumbent President and House of Freedoms candidate; Rita Borsellino, candidate of The Union; and Nello Musumeci, MEP elected for the National Alliance and now leader of the autonomist movement Sicilian Alliance. In the end, Cuffaro won the election, despite a heavy loss of support compared with five years before, when he was elected with 59.1% of votes.


Salvatore Cuffaro, 48, was first elected at the Sicilian Presidency in the July 2001 with 59.1% of regional votes; that election was held immediately after the national election which saw the centre-right win all the 61 Sicilian ridings. Cuffaro is a prominent member of Union of Christian and Centre Democrats, a Christian democratic party. Often associated to the mafia by his critics because of an open investigation by the magistrature of Palermo which brought to a trial commitment, Cuffaro will nevertheless head the regional UDC list of candidates for the April general election.

Rita Borsellino, 61, sister of the late judge Paolo assassinated by the mafia, gained the centre-left candidacy after having won a primary election with over 67% of votes. She is not member of any party. If elected, she would be the first female president ever in Sicily.

Nello Musumeci, 51, is a former member of the right-wing National Alliance party; he served as President of the Province of Catania from 1994 to 2003. He left National Alliance in September 2005 in order to found a new autonomist party, Sicilian Alliance, of which he is the leader. Despite his past political experiences, Musumeci is highly unlikely to have some actual possibility to win the election.

Pollster claimed this election to be much closer than five years ago, and majority of surveys even put Borsellino to lead over Cuffaro. [1] However, Sicily confirmed one more time in the April 2006 national election, in which the House of Freedoms obtained 57% of regional votes, to be still a centre-right stronghold. The election was in fact characterized by separate contemporary votes for centre-right parties and Rita Borsellino as president, as the sum of centre-right coalition parties obtained over 60% of votes. In any case, the disjoint vote was not sufficient to ensure Borsellino to win the election, and Cuffaro was confirmed president of Sicily.


Candidates & parties votes votes (%) seats
reg. list
prov. lists
Salvatore Cuffaro 1,374,706 53.09 2 53
Forza Italia 471,634 19.17 17
Union of Christian and Centre Democrats 319,349 12.98 11
Movement for AutonomyNew Sicily 308,219 12.53 10
National Alliance 259,927 10.56 9
The Kite – President List 139,344 5.66 6
Tricolour Flame 8,528 0.35 0
Christian Democracy for the Autonomies 6,530 0.26 0
Rita Borsellino 1,078,179 41.64 8 27
Democrats of the Left 344,551 14.00 12
Democracy is Freedom – The Daisy 295,762 12.02 12
United for Sicily (SDIIdVPRCPdCIFdVSicilian Spring) 127,947 5.20 3
Rita – My Commitment for Sicily 119,177 4.84 0
Nello Musumeci 136,545 5.27 0
Sicilian Alliance 59,380 2.41 0
Total 2,589,430 100.00 10 80

Source: Sicilian Region


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