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For the exercise/stretch, see Split (gymnastics).
A sidesplit style split-level home, in which the split level is visible from the front.

A sidesplit is a split-level home configuration where the multiple levels are visible from the front elevation. Typically, the garage is on one side of the house and there is a floor above the garage housing the bedrooms. The other half of the house is the main living area, part of a story above the garage level and part of a story below the bedroom level. Grading or steps connect the exterior street to the front door on the main level.

The advantage of sidesplits (and its closely related backsplit) is that it separates bedrooms from living space without the need for a full flight of stairs. It is less land-efficient than a two-story house but more efficient than a bungalow.

Most sidesplits have a crawlspace that is half the size of the house such that the foundation is the same for both halves of the "split" house. Some others may have a split foundation with a full basement below even the lower main living area.