Siege of Chittorgarh (1535)

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This Siege was done by Bahadur Shah of Gujarat, who in March 1535 attacked Chittor Fort to expand his empire. Rani Karnavati, wife of the late Rana Sangha sent a rakhi to Humayun for help. Bahadur Shah appealed to Humayun to let him sack chittor saying that, "If I at this time oppose him, I would be rendering assistance to the infidel, and such a proceeding is not in accordance with the law of the prophet and religion, therefore there must be a delay until this matter is disposed of" .Either Humayun slacked off or arrived late because by the time he arrived on 8th March 1535, 13,000 women including Rani Karnavati committed Jauhar and 3,200 soldiers committed Saka. Rana Vikramaditya, Udai Singh and Udai Singh's faithful nurse Panna Dai escaped to Bundi. Humayun later drove Bahadur Shah out of Mandu.

Army Strength[edit]

The Mewari army had no more than 3,345 soldiers


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