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Sigma Alpha Lambda
Sigma Alpha Lambda crest.jpg
Founded University of Arizona
Type Honors Society
Headquarters Bradenton, Florida

Sigma Alpha Lambda (ΣΑΛ) is a National Leadership and Honors Organization with over 100 chapters nationally and is dedicated to developing individuals and serving the community through local chapter efforts and national initiatives. SAL is built on service, leadership, and academic achievement and works to promote such academic achievement, as well as uniting its members in the pursuit of common goals of service, mentoring, and personal development.[1]


Membership in Sigma Alpha Lambda is open to all undergraduate students who meet the national requirements of sophomore classification or higher with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale. Membership is also open to graduate students who meet the GPA requirement for undergraduates. Membership in Sigma Alpha Lambda means recognition for outstanding academic achievement, getting members engaged in service opportunities around their campus and community, and development of leadership skills. SAL is committed to helping members make the most out of their undergraduate experience. Members also have the opportunity to win various scholarships and awards through SAL ranging up to $5,000.

Scholarships and awards[edit]

Sigma Alpha Lambda offers its members annual scholarships and awards ranging up to $5,000.

New Member Award[edit]

Any new member who has joined SAL during the previous calendar year is eligible to win this award based on their significant contribution to their chapter during their first year as a member, as well as their academic excellence. This award amount ranges up to $500.

Path to Excellence Award[edit]

In order for members to be eligible for this award, they must have demonstrated one or all of the following, outstanding academic achievement, leadership skills, or community service. This award amount ranges up to $500.

Emerging Leaders Graduate Scholarship[edit]

Members eligible for this scholarship are those who have maintained significant academic performance, contributions to their community and chapter, and have at the time already been accepted to an accredited Graduate Program of Study. Scholarship award amounts range up to $1,000.

Chapter Leadership Award[edit]

Members eligible for the Chapter Leadership Award must have accomplished the following: contributed significantly to the operation of their existing chapter, upheld a significant academic performance, and demonstrated extraordinary leadership skills. Amounts for this award range up to $500.

Founding Officer Award[edit]

This award is for officers who have founded their chapter during the current academic year. Award amounts are up to $500.

National Academic Achievement Award[edit]

For this award no separate application is needed because all applicants of any of the above rewards and scholarships are eligible. This award is based on those applicants that have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment and achievement to their chapter throughout the most recent academic year. Award amount for this ranges up to $5000.

National initiatives[edit]

Each year, Sigma Alpha Lambda undertakes two national initiatives which are coordinated by the National Office in conjunction with the local chapter. Each Fall, the students work together to fight hunger with SAL's Food Fight against Hunger. In the Spring, the main focus is Relay for Life. Other recent national initiative include MLK Day of Service and 9/11 Memorial Flag Day.

Food Fight Against Hunger[edit]

SAL's Food Fight Against Hunger is a friendly competition that takes place every Fall between SAL chapters all across the nation to raise the most non-perishable food items for local food banks. It is a way to bring all SAL chapters together for a good cause, to fight hunger across the nation.

Relay for Life[edit]

Sigma Alpha Lambda is a National Youth Affiliate of the American Cancer Societies Relay for Life. Every Spring SAL chapters across the nation are encouraged to partake in their local Relay for Life and collect donations on behalf of their SAL team. Upon their partnership, SAL had set a goal of raising $100,000 in a matter of five years for Relay for Life. [2]

MLK Day of Service[edit]

SAL also encourages its members on the third Monday of January to be "a day on not a day off." While class is not in session SAL members and chapters across the nation find local service events and projects to participate in as a way of giving back on MLK Day.

9/11 Memorial Flag Day[edit]

Sigma Alpha Lambda encourages its chapters all over the nation to remember the tragedy of 9/11 on their campus's on behalf of SAL. Chapters receive American flags for this event and are encouraged to place them around noticeable spots on their campus to remind their fellow student body of the events of September 11, 2001. The event was started by Indiana State University Chapter in September 2007.

President's Volunteer Service Award[edit]

Sigma Alpha Lambda is a Certifying Organization for the President’s Volunteer Service Award and therefore has the ability to nominate members as potential recipients and distribute the award to those who meet the criteria for the PVSA. The PVSA is a highly regarded national honor that recognizes a volunteer's commitment. It is given by the President of the United States to individuals, groups, or families who have demonstrated a consistent volunteering and service commitment over a 12-month period. More information about the PVSA can be found on the SAL website.

National Center for Student Leadership[edit]

Sigma Alpha Lambda has partnered with the National Center for Student Leadership to help its members achieve full leadership potential. In doing so the NCSL provides SAL members with exclusive discounts on conferences and training courses to become a certified student leader through their CSL Program.


Sigma Alpha Lambda has over 100 chapters at Universities around the United States. Below is the list of chapters each Sigma Alpha Lambda currently has open chapters.

University of Montevallo



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