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Sigma Sigma Phi (ΣΣΦ or SSP), is the national osteopathic medicine honors fraternity for medical students training to be Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.). The National Osteopathic Medicine Honors Fraternity is a group united in the interest of preserving the highest class of medical scholastic excellence and includes community service.

Sigma Sigma Phi was founded in 1921, and the fraternity's goal is to directly impact the student bodies by encouraging the highest class of academic excellence. Criteria for membership into Sigma Sigma Phi include scholastic achievement, such as class rank and dedication to community service and the highest class of academic excellence.


Sigma Sigma Phi was founded by seven students representing the fraternal organizations and the student body in October 1921 in Kirksville, Missouri at what is currently A.T. Still University (originally named American School of Osteopathy). These seven students constituted the original charter members, one from each fraternity and one from the nonfraternal body, and drew up the organization's constitution and by-laws. The fraternity was officially chartered on May 16, 1925, at Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine by three men. Thus, there were ten charter members. Over the years, most osteopathic medical schools have added a local chapter. Currently, there are 22 active chapters at 24 osteopathic medical school campuses in the United States.[1]

Fraternity objectives[edit]

  • To further the science of Osteopathic Medicine and its standards of practice.[1]
  • To preserve the meaning of and encourage scholastic excellence.
  • To continue a high degree of fellowship among its students.
  • To cultivate relationships and understanding between the student bodies and officials, such as Faculty members of our Colleges.
  • To foster allegiance to the American Osteopathic Association.
  • To perpetuate Sigma Sigma Phi by preserving the principles and objectives of the organization.

Criteria for admission[edit]

  1. Student chapter membership shall not exceed 25% of the total of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th year classes.[1]
  2. Must be an osteopathic medical student (a D.O. student).
  3. Must have successfully completed at least one semester of classroom work with high standards.
  4. Must believe in a high degree of scholarship and service to college and/or profession.
Example Sigma Sigma Phi National Honorary Certificate
1992 Michigan State University

There are approximately 3,600 members.[citation needed]


Similar organizations[edit]

Alpha Omega Alpha, abbreviated "AOA", is the counterpart honor society for Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) medical students, residents, and physicians in the United States.[2] "AOA" is also the abbreviation used by the American Osteopathic Association, which is the medical association for osteopathic medical students, residents, and physicians.

Omega Beta Iota, abbreviated “ΩΒΙ,” is the National Osteopathic Political Action Honor Society founded in 2007 to emphasize the importance of the work osteopathic medical students do for the political system.[3] A distinction is made when referring to the National Osteopathic Medicine Honors Fraternity in that Sigma Sigma Phi, abbreviated "ΣΣΦ", is a group united in the interest of preserving the highest class of scholastic excellence and includes community service.

Gold Humanism Honor Society, abbreviated "GHHS."

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