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Subsidiary (MVNO)
Industry Prepaid Wireless Services
Founded 2009
Headquarters Miami, Florida
Parent America Móvil

Simple Mobile (stylized SIMPLE Mobile) is a prepaid mobile network operator headquartered in Miami, Florida, in the United States and became a subsidiary of America Móvil (parent of TracFone Wireless Inc.) after it was acquired in June 2012. SIMPLE Mobile has activated more than 2.5 million subscribers since they opened in November 2009. They provide wireless voice, messaging and data services in the United States as a T-Mobile US MVNO.


SIMPLE Mobile is a T-Mobile MVNO re-seller founded in November 2009. The initial plans offered prepaid month-to-month wireless services including unlimited texting, voice, and capped data. In June 2010 the company began to advertise unlimited data on their prepaid monthly plans.[1] On February 16th of 2011 SIMPLE Mobile celebrated their one millionth activation.[2]

Acquisition by América Móvil[edit]

On May 10, 2012, Mexican telecommunications company America Movil said that its U.S. unit TracFone Wireless has agreed to acquire Simple Mobile Inc.[3]

Services and plans[edit]

The company advertises unlimited talk, text, and international text starting at $25.00. The company also features 4g plans using T-Mobile's HSPA+ and LTE network bands. SIMPLE Mobile also offers international calling plans, wireless broadband, and service plans specifically for Blackberry devices. The company has a Bring Your Own Phone model in which customers combine a SIMPLE Mobile SIM card and service plan with the user's own unlocked or T-Mobile GSM device. All of the unlimited plans feature unlimited international text messaging at no additional cost to the subscriber.

SIMPLE Mobile SIM cards and service plans are sold through their website and via local dealers.


According to SIMPLE Mobile customer service representatives, they are unable to submit IMEI numbers to the global stolen phones database or comply with law enforcement subpoenas to track stolen phones or those belonging to abduction victims, missing persons at risk or dangerous fugitives. Simple Mobile is an MVNO on T-Mobile's Network. This means that all information is stored on T-Mobile's servers. A law enforcement professional would need to give the subpoena/court order to the Law Enforcement Relations Group. They will be able to process the subpoena. This applies to all MVNO's since their hosted carrier supports all the network and backend. Simple Mobile should refer the parties direct to their host entity T-Mobile US.


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