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Singenpoo is a cat character created by Australian children's book author Paul Jennings.

About Singenpoo[edit]

Singenpoo was introduced in Paul Jennings' best-selling book The Paw Thing. From there, the cat has been in many other sequels, including:

  • Singenpoo Strikes Again
  • Singenpoo Shoots Through
  • Singenpoo's Secret Weapon

Singenpoo is a black and white cat owned by Mac, the man in charge of a fried chicken shop, Major Mac's Fried Chicken Shop, that is overrun by mice. Mac's original hopes for the cat was that it would decrease the shop's mice population; however, the feline simply cannot catch any mice and is fed chicken claws and beaks for its incompetence.

The story starts with a teenage boy, Scott, who recently was employed by Mac to work at his chicken shop. The protagonist soon takes pity on the cat and occasionally feeds it chicken wings and drumsticks. The protagonist learns of Mac's most precious asset - a recipe book containing Major Mac's secret fried chicken recipe of fifty different burps and spices, which he keeps locked in a safe. Scott then learns of the new fried chicken restaurant, Dead Rooster, that is opening near Major Mac's, and the risks of Dead Rooster learning of Mac's secret recipes.

On the day of Dead Rooster's opening, Scott is sent by Mac to buy some chicken. Upon arrival, Mac tastes the chicken and, realising that it is from his own recipe book, immediately accuses Scott and then the cat. Despite Scott's attempt to persuade Mac that the cat is not to blame, Mac orders Scott to take Singenpoo to the local vet to be put down.

Scott, having taken a liking to the cat, hides it in an unused shed, returning to feed her every day.

Meanwhile, the situation at Major Mac's gets worse. Eventually, rat droppings are found in the content of a chicken roll and Major Mac's is closed down due to health issues.

Mac, seeing that the chicken cooler room's warning light is off, goes to check it and finds that it is completely filled with mice. The mice then flood the store, but Singenpoo saves the day and once again earns the love and respect of Mac.

Singenpoo got her name by swallowing a matchbox sized radio. She had to keep her mouth open so Mac could listen to music and the footy. She then passed it out and music came from the dung. Her name is NOT a play on words of the name of the city Singapore.