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SHP logo.jpg
The SHP logo.
FocusHomelessness and social inclusion
Area served
Greater London
Key people
Liz Rutherfoord
Toni Warner
GBP £12,032,851 [1]

Single Homeless Project or SHP is a registered independent charity in England that works with single people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in London. It aims to provide a range of accommodation and floating support services for homeless and socially excluded people, including those suffering from mental health issues, substance misuse, risk of offending and young people experiencing homelessness or housing trouble. It was originally launched by a group of homeless people in 1977, and started with a single property in Pimlico. It was registered as a charity in 1977 and incorporated as a company limited by guarantee in 1984. It now runs projects around London, providing services in 22 London boroughs.

The charity employs around 250 staff and supports 3,000 people a year in its accommodation and floating support services, and supports a further 3,000 people in a range of other tenures including council, housing association and private rented tenants as well as those in bed and breakfasts and other temporary accommodation.[1] Nicola Byrne, Consultant psychiatrist at the Maudsley Hospital joined the board of SHP in April, 2006 as a part of the National Housing Federation's (NHF) Get On Board recruitment campaign to encourage diversity on the boards of housing associations in the UK.[2]

SHP aims to help those facing homelessness and chronic social exclusion and its services provide for those suffering with mental health issues, substance misuse, and those at risk of offending. It provides two types of service: accommodation and floating support:

Accommodation services involve providing hostel rooms or temporary housing for clients. SHP manages 500 units of housing with support, providing a range of temporary and permanent accommodation.[3]

Floating Support provides clients with a support worker, irrespective of their current accommodation, who will help them find or keep housing and help them with personal issues whether they be mental health problems, learning disabilities, substance misuse or violence and criminal offending.

Government grants 97%
Voluntary donations 1%
Other 2%

Financial information:
Total income year end March 2010: £12,032,851
Total charitable expenditure: £11,496,398
Fundraising cost: £0
Governance cost: £20,289

Arts programmes[edit]

SHP works in partnership with a variety of creative professionals, education providers and arts organisations to develop arts-based projects for homeless people. The charity has raised money with Auction Saboteur, a website that allows buyers and sellers of urban art to trade without auction-house fees[4] In 2010, the Whitecross Street Party, a street festival in Central London raised funds for SHP.[5]


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