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This article is about an island. For the technology company, see Sipura Technology.
Mentawai Islands Topography.png
Location South East Asia
Coordinates 2°11′S 99°38′E / 2.183°S 99.633°E / -2.183; 99.633
Archipelago Mentawai Islands
Area 845 km2 (326 sq mi)
Province West Sumatra
Regency Mentawai Islands
Population 17,557 (2010 Census)
Pop. density 20.78 /km2 (53.82 /sq mi)

Sipora (sometimes spelled Sipura) located off Sumatra in Indonesia, is the smallest and most developed of the four Mentawai Islands at only 845 km2. The regency capital of the Mentawai Islands, Tua Pejat, is found on Sipora. An estimated 10-15% of the original rainforest remains on this island.

Sipora is a surfing destination. Surf spots Hollow Trees and Lance's Left break off the southern end of the island. Surf spots break in the northwestern region of this island including Telescopes, Iceland, and Scarecrows. The ocean swells are most consistent from April to October, but Sipora is a viable year-round surfing destination. Wind conditions can vary by the hour, and are often calm and glassy. For accommodation near Sipura, most surfers stay on yachts that can be chartered in Padang and motor between surf breaks as conditions change. Some visiting surfers choose to stay on the island itself at resorts or with local families in Tua Pajet.

The islands of North Pagai (Pagai Utara) and South Pagai (Pagai Selatan) are situated to the south, and also have surf breaks along their western coasts. The fourth and largest of the Mentawai Islands - Siberut - is situated to the north of Sipora.

Surf breaks[edit]


  • Iceland
  • Telescopes
  • Suicides


  • Arik
  • Seven palm point


  • Lances' left and right (HT'S).


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