Sisters of Charity Hospital (Zagreb)

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Sisters of Charity University Hospital
Zagreb Sisters of Charity Hospital XIX century.gif
Sisters of Charity Hospital, end of the 19th century
LocationVinogradska 29, Zagreb, Croatia
Coordinates45°48′53″N 15°57′11″E / 45.8145932°N 15.9531676°E / 45.8145932; 15.9531676Coordinates: 45°48′53″N 15°57′11″E / 45.8145932°N 15.9531676°E / 45.8145932; 15.9531676
Care systemPublicly funded health care
Affiliated universityUniversity of Zagreb
Emergency departmentYes
Opened1846. Current site 1894
ListsHospitals in Croatia

The teaching hospital Sisters of Charity (Croatian: Klinički bolnički centar Sestre milosrdnice) in Zagreb, Croatia, is one of the oldest hospitals in southern Europe.[1][2]


The hospital was established in 1846, through the initiative of Cardinal Juraj Haulik, the Archbishop of Zagreb. It changed locations a number of times until a permanent hospital campus was completed in 1894 by the German architect Kuno Waidmann, on the site of the former Villa Socias and a neighbouring graveyard in Vinogradska Street.[2][3]

It was run by the Sisters of Charity from 1894 until 1948. The Emperor Franz Joseph visited the hospital in 1895.[2][4]

The Sisters continued to run the hospital until it was confiscated after World War II. Thereafter it was nationalized by the Communist government (in 1948) and renamed the Dr. Mladen Stojanović Hospital. The original name was restored in 1992, but the government retained its ownership. It is now operated under the Ministry of Health.


Main entrance today

As of 2007, the hospital consists of 13 clinics and 7 specialised institutes, with a total of 853 beds and 2,334 employees in one campus. The hospital is an educational facility for institutes of higher education, i.e., the medical and dental schools, as well as a school for nurses.[1]

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