Skärmarbrink metro station

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Stockholm metro station
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Coordinates 59°17′43″N 18°05′24″E / 59.29528°N 18.09000°E / 59.29528; 18.09000Coordinates: 59°17′43″N 18°05′24″E / 59.29528°N 18.09000°E / 59.29528; 18.09000
Owned by Storstockholms Lokaltrafik
Opened 1950
Preceding station   Stockholm metro   Following station
toward Åkeshov
T17 line
toward Skarpnäck
toward Alvik
T18 line
Skärmarbrink Tunnelbana.png

Skärmarbrink metro station is on the line 17 and 18 of the Stockholm metro, located in Skärmarbrink, Johanneshov, Söderort. The station, opened on 1 October 1950, then called Hammarby until 16 April 1958, was on the first metro line opened, from Slussen south to Hökarängen via Blåsut. Skärmarbrink is connected to Hammarbydepån, a depot/garage for buses and subway trains which is located south of the station.