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Skanste is a neighbourhood near the center of Riga, the capital of Latvia. It is bordered by Sarkandaugava, Brasa, the Centre and Petersalas-Andrejsala neighborhoods. Skanste's neighborhood boundaries are Hanseatic Street, Vesetas Street, Pea Street, Kr Valdemara street, the railway, and dam green.

The Skanste neighborhood has a total area of 2.148 square kilometres (0.829 sq mi), which is about 35 less than the average surrounding area size in Riga. The perimeter surrounding the border has a length of 6,325 meters (20,751 ft). Despite the current situation, where the administrative area surrounding Skanste is a 2-Riga municipality under the supervision of executive directorates, the defined neighborhood boundaries are considered to be reasonable, to growth in the future as a single spatially and functionally linked area of the Riga city area or region.


Coordinates: 56°58′13″N 24°07′06″E / 56.9703°N 24.1183°E / 56.9703; 24.1183