Skatestraum Tunnel

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Skatestraum Tunnel
Location Bremanger, Norway
Coordinates 61°52′27″N 5°12′49″E / 61.87417°N 5.21361°E / 61.87417; 5.21361Coordinates: 61°52′27″N 5°12′49″E / 61.87417°N 5.21361°E / 61.87417; 5.21361
Route 616
Start Bremangerlandet island
End Rugsunøya island
Opened 12 July 2002
Operator Statens vegvesen
Traffic Automotive
Length 1,901 m (6,237 ft)
No. of lanes 2
Lowest elevation −91 m (−299 ft)

The Skatestraum Tunnel (Norwegian: Skatestraumtunnelen) is a subsea road tunnel between the islands of Rugsundøya and Bremangerlandet in Bremanger Municipality in Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway. The tunnel was the first undersea road tunnel in Sogn og Fjordane county when it was built.[1]

It is 1,901 meters (6,237 ft) long and it reaches a depth of 91 meters (299 ft) below sea level. It is part of County Road 616. It opened on 12 July 2002 and cost 325 million kr to build, including auxiliary roads.[2][3]

On 15 July 2015 a tank truck crashed in the tunnel. The tunnel was closed and evacuated, since there was a risk the tunnel would be flooded. [4] It was reopened in December 2015.


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