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Hordfast or the Hordaland Fixed Link is a planned road project between the mainland city of Bergen and the island of Stord in Hordaland county, Norway. Hordfast is the colloquial name for the project since it will connect the islands of Hordaland county with the fastlandet (which is the Norwegian word for "mainland").

This project is one part of the "ferry-free E39" project. It aims to improve the European route E39 highway system so that it will link the west coast cities of Kristiansand - Stavanger - Haugesund - Bergen - Trondheim without the use of any ferries to cross the numerous fjords in the region.


The project is still in the planning stages and there are several options under discussion. The Austevoll option is considered the most useful possibility, but it is the most expensive as it requires two long and deep tunnels. Other options would route the road through Tysnes municipality (with ferry) or Fusa (a long bridge, a detour, no ferry). Other options would build bridges over the Bjørnafjorden or Fusafjorden. The project is not finalised, but it is hoped construction will commence around 2018. The project may cost about 20 billion kr.[1][2]


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Coordinates: 60°7′N 5°30′E / 60.117°N 5.500°E / 60.117; 5.500