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Snatches of Pink is a rock band based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Current members are Michael Rank (guitar, lead vocals), Marc E. Smith (guitars, vocals), Nikos Chremos (bass) and John Howie Jr (drums), with Michael Rank as the chief songwriter.

The band was formed in 1985 by Rank with original bassist / lead vocalist Andy McMillan, and Sara Romweber on drums. Subsequent incarnations included Kevin Clark and Emory Ball on bass.

Over the past two decades SOP has been heralded by critics for their unique blend of dark, Stones-influenced alternative rock, releasing several albums under the "Snatches of Pink" namesake and two under their major label name "Clarissa" (which they have since retired). Over the years, SOP has shared the stage with several bands working a similar vein, including Johnny Thunders, The Ramones, The Cramps, Iggy Pop, and Soundgarden. Sara Romweber's brother is Dexter Romweber of Flat Duo Jets.

SOP songs have appeared on television in episodes of Wildfire (ABC FAMILY) and Fuel TV (FOX / Premiere).



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