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Snovsk railway station
Snovsk railway station
Coordinates: 51°49′13″N 31°57′03″E / 51.82028°N 31.95083°E / 51.82028; 31.95083Coordinates: 51°49′13″N 31°57′03″E / 51.82028°N 31.95083°E / 51.82028; 31.95083
Country Ukraine
Oblast Chernihiv
Founded 1860
City status 1924
 • Total 12,8 km2 (49 sq mi)
Elevation 119 m (390 ft)
Population (2015)
 • Total 11,343

Snovsk (Ukrainian: Сновськ, Ukrainian pronunciation: [snɔwsʲk]) is a city in Chernihiv Oblast (province) of Ukraine. It serves as the administrative center of Snovsk Raion. Population: 11,343 (2015 est.)[1] The population was 12,315 in 2001.

The city was named after the Snov River on which it is situated. The city was called Shchors between 1935 and 2016, in honour of Nikolay Shchors. On 21 May 2016, Verkhovna Rada adopted decision to rename Shchors to Snovsk and Shchors Raion to Snovsk Raion according to the law prohibiting names of Communist origin.[2]


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