So Seelisch, So Schön!

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So Seelisch, So Schön!
Studio album by
LabelProgress Productions

The debut album of the Swedish EBM band Sturm Café.

It was released in 2005 by the Gothenburg-based electronic label Progress Productions.

The CD was pressed in 1000 CD units. 200 of them were sold exclusively from the label homepage with a bonus CD in a mini DVD-box consisting of three unique songs and two remixes of "Der Grosse Schwein" by Slim Vic and Chinese Theatre.

Track listing CD1[edit]

  • 01 Mr.T
  • 02 Radiosüchtig
  • 03 Ich Spekuliere
  • 04 Mozart-Ideal
  • 05 Die Wahrheit
  • 06 Die Terroristen
  • 07 In Meinem Griff
  • 08 Der Grosse Schwein
  • 09 Stiefelfabrik
  • 10 Die Bizarre Mischung
  • 11 Die Zombiejäger

Track listing CD2[edit]

  • 01 Ein Mann Und Sein Bart
  • 02 Der Grosse Schwein (Chinese Theatre Remix)
  • 03 Alphamenschen
  • 04 Lass Uns Wieder Sehen
  • 05 Der Grosse Schwein (Slim Vic Remix)

Detail information on the songs[edit]

  • "Der Grosse Schwein": The songtitle is often mistaken as a grammatic error. But "Schwein" refers to no animal, it refers to the last name of a boxer. A low-budget music video was made for the song and is available at YouTube. The video was directed by Oskar Gullstrand.