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Cover soffiya.jpg
Genre Drama, Romance
Written by Eenaz Mokhtar
Tommy CT Loh
Directed by Joeza Rasidi
Starring Tiz Zaqyah
Fizo Omar
Azhar Sulaiman
Izara Aishah Hisham
Syazwan Zulkifli
Country of origin Malaysia
Original language(s) Malay
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 28
Producer(s) Kabir Bhatia
Mira Mustaffa
Francis Foo
Location(s) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Running time Monday to Thursday at (UTC+08:00) 19:00 MST
Production company(s) Filmscape
Original network TV3
Picture format 480i SDTV
First shown in 21 September 2011
Original release 21 September 2011 – 8 November 2011
Preceded by Kasih Alia
Followed by Tentang Dhia
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Soffiya is a Malaysian television drama series broadcast by Filmscape in 2011. It features Tiz Zaqyah, Fizo Omar, Azhar Sulaiman and Izara Aishah. It aired on 21 September 2011 after 28 successful episodes. This drama tells us about a girls who has many problems and was raped by her own father.


Soffiya (Tiz Zaqyah), known as Yaya, is a vivacious and cheerful girl who lived in a village with her father, Sulaiman (Hilal Azman) a doctor and her mother, Aishah (Aisyah Atan), who had health problems.

Sulaiman was disappointed when he was often rejected by Aishah to be together. Couldn't resist his lustful desire any longer, Sulaiman raped his own daughter. Since then, Yaya was not allowed to go to school and was locked in the house. Sulaiman told the villagers that Yaya had begun to change since her illness allegedly caught with drugs. Yaya was desperate for help but no one will believe her stories.

Yaya's best friend, Muiz (Syazwan Zulkifli) was skeptical and tried to help her. But Muiz's efforts to save Yaya failed when he was killed while struggling with Sulaiman. Yaya was then brought to a woman's hut to be hidden, where she stayed for months and delivered her out-of-wedlock child (who died shortly after the birth). After her mother died, Yaya was brave enough to go against her father. Yaya defended herself when Sulaiman tried to rape her again and stabbed him repeatedly. He was killed.

Yaya was tried in court with the assistance of a young lawyer, Ilyas (Fizo Omar). She was convicted and detained in a juvenile center, where she had been a victim of bullying. Despite the hardships she endured, Yaya fell in love with Ilyas who never gave up trying to release her from that place.

Happiness didn't last long for Soffiya when Ilyas had to accede to the will of his fiance Fiona (Izara Aishah) to follow her to New York. Ilyas left Soffiya without any message. After three years, Soffiya released and wanted to start a new life, calling herself Soffi.

Soffi was still looking for direction in her life when she met Kak Ton, who was an active participant in a charity organization. Kak Ton managed to gain her trust and the two finally became close friends. Kamal (Azhar Sulaiman) who was Kak Ton's friend and a frequent visitor to her stalls was attracted to Soffi's beauty and wanted to know her more closely.

Soffi's cold attitude and doubtfulness towards Kamal's real intention was a result to her refusing to be hurt and betrayed again. Thanks to Kak Ton (Halimatussadiah), Kamal's sincerity finally managed to open Soffi's heart and she finally accepted his proposal. Soffi was flooded with Kamal's love and was very touched when Kamal aided to fulfill her dream by setting up a charity body for women who were victimized like her before.

Not long after her marriage with Kamal, Soffiya was tested again when her first love, Ilyas appeared as a husband to his stepdaughter, Fiona. Fiona refused to accept Soffiya as a substitute for her mother and often sought ways to topple her. Fiona began to investigate Soffiya's background to be used against her. Ilyas was unable to contain the love and adoration to Soffiya when they met again, and always found himself defending her, causing him to argue numerous times with his wife.[1]


Main character[edit]

  • Tiz Zaqyah as Soffiya
  • Fizo Omar as Ilyas
  • Azhar Sulaiman as Kamal
  • Izara Aishah as Fiona

Extended cast[edit]

  • Syazwan Zulkifli as Muiz
  • Hilal Azman as Sulaiman
  • Aisyah Atan as Aishah
  • Halimatussadiah as Kak Ton
  • Mardiana Azahari as Faizah
  • Fyka as Alice


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