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Sogeti Group
Founded 2002 (as independent company)
Headquarters Paris, France
Key people
Hans van Waayenburg, CEO
Owner Capgemini Group

Sogeti is a wholly owned subsidiary of Capgemini Group.[1] The Sogeti Group is an information technology consulting company specializing in local professional services, with headquarters in Paris. The Sogeti Group employs around 20,000 people at around 300 branches in 15 countries.[2][3] The current CEO is Hans van Waayenburg,[4] and in 2011, the company turnover was 1.5 billion euros.[5]


Sogeti was the original name for the entire Capgemini Group. The name was an acronym for "Société de Gestion des Entreprises et de Traitement de l'Information" which, roughly means "Business Management and Information Processing Company".[6]

In 2002, the Cap Gemini Group founded a subsidiary called Sogeti in six countries to focus on the local IT market.[7] In 2008, Sogeti UK acquired software testing firm Vizuri with an aim to focus on software testing;[8][9] currently Sogeti UK has over 600 employees.[10]

In 2010, Capgemini integrated its software testing resources with Sogeti.[11] The Sogeti Graduate Scheme allows non-technical graduates into the technology sector.[12]

Sogeti USA has around 2,300 employees in 22 offices; in 2010, their revenue was about $375 million.[13] In 2013, Sogeti was voted the 10th best company to work for in Washington State.[14]


The Sogeti Group is an information technology consulting company specializing in local professional services.[citation needed] At the 2014 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards, Sogeti was a finalist in the "Devices and Deployment Partner of the Year" category.[15]

Notable projects[edit]

In 2013, Sogeti built a bespoke data system for The Radiocommunications Agency, who are funded by the Dutch Government. The system was designed to improve business intelligence efficiency.[16]

In 2015, Sogeti helped a French mother create a universal language app.[17][18] In 2014, French researcher Jean-Marie Bourbon was suspended from Sogeti for publishing details of flaws in FireEye Malware Analysis System 6.4.[19][20][21]

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