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Sohawa is one of the major towns in Mandi Bahauddin District in Punjab, Pakistan.[1] It is situated on the Phalia Road, almost 3 km out of the city of Mandi Bahauddin. It basically consists of three villages: Sohawa Bolani, Sohawa Jamlani and Sohawa Dilloana and is divided into two Union Councils, Sohawa Bolani(17) and Sohawa Dilloana(18).


The main caste in Sohawas is Gondal,Malik,Sipra Jat,Arain followed by other Jatts and Gujjar. Main source of income of people is foreign remittances sent by people who are working in EU, US and Middle Eastern countries who number in the thousands. and Germany live many people from sohawa bolani and sohawa jumlani. Sargodha road was passed in sohawa bolani. Many family are rich here. Govt. Higher Secondary School for boys is located with Sargodha road. 03436526094


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