Sound of the Sea

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Sound of the Sea
Son de Mar.jpg
Movie poster
Directed by Juan José Bigas Luna
Produced by Andrés Vicente Gómez
Written by Manuel Vicent
Rafael Azcona
Starring Jordi Mollà
Leonor Watling
Eduard Fernández
Music by Piano Magic
Release date
  • 8 June 2001 (2001-06-08)
Running time
95 mins
Country Spain
Language Spanish

Sound of the Sea (Spanish: Son de Mar) is a 2001 Spanish drama / erotic film directed by Juan José Bigas Luna based on the novel of the same title by Manuel Vicent.

It revolves around Ulises (Jordi Mollà), who comes to a fishing village to teach literature at a local high school. During his stay he falls in love with Martina (Leonor Watling), the daughter of his landlord. Sierra (Eduard Fernández), a rich businessman, also falls in love with her and fruitlessly tries to win her heart.


Ulises arrives in a coastal town near Valencia to teach literature. He rents a room at a local hostel and immediately falls in love with Martina, the landlord's daughter as he sees her hanging up her clothes on the clothesline. A local businessman by the name of Sierra is also in love with her but she resists his advances. Martina invites Ulises to see the Son de Mar, a yacht on which a film had been made years before, when she was 13 years old. Her dream is to purchase it when she becomes rich.

They soon become friends and Ulises recites the Aeneid for her, and she is enthralled by the story of Dido and Aeneas. The quote she is most infatuated with is:

From the depths of the calm sea, two serpents surface. Above the waves their crista and chest emerge, the rest of their bodies under the surface. One of them holds me and suffocates me with the double ring of her love. And I try to escape from the knot her body makes.

Enchanted by his romantic quotations, amidst the scenery surrounding Valencia, she falls in love with Ulises and gets pregnant. They marry and have a son, Abel. One day Sierra invites the couple to a party, at which Ulises feels attracted to a woman in a red dress. The next day, he goes out on his boat to catch a tuna for Martina. During a storm, his boat is found, but he disappears. Presumed dead, a funeral service is held for him.

Finding herself alone with a very young child, Martina marries Sierra and lives the rich lifestyle she always dreamed of. Five years after he vanished, Ulises calls her and tells her: "It has taken all my travels to discover that I cannot live without you." Unable to resist, she again falls in love with him. Sierra finds out she is cheating on their marriage and takes drastic measures to punish the lovers. He sabotages the Son de Mar, which they use to escape. In the middle of the ocean, the ship sinks and the lovers find peace and eternal love in death.


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