Songjiang Province

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former province of the Republic of China
Sungkiang Province

ROC Div Songjiang.svg
Capital Mutankiang
former province of the People's Republic of China
Songjiang Province

Capital Harbin (1945-1953)
Mudanjiang (1953-1954)

Sungkiang or Songjiang (Chinese: 松江省; pinyin: Sōngjiāng Shěng; Wade–Giles: Sung-chiang Sheng) was a province (c.32,000 sq mi/82,880 km²) of the Republic of China. Mudanjiang was the capital. It was one of nine provinces created in Manchuria by the Chinese Nationalist government after World War II[citation needed]. Since the Nationalists never gained effective control of Manchuria, the province existed only on paper.[citation needed] It was bordered on the east by the USSR, and along part of the southern border ran the Nen (Nonni) and Songhua Rivers. In 1949 Hejiang was incorporated into Songjiang and in 1954, northern Songjiang was merged into Heilongjiang province and southern parts into Jilin province.

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