Sonia Darrin

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Sonia Darrin
The Big Sleep - Behind the scenes 02.JPG
Darrin is second from the left in still from The Big Sleep (1946)
Born Sonia Paskowitz
June 16, 1924 (1924-06-16) (age 93)
Galveston, Texas, U.S.
Occupation Actress
Years active 1941–1970s
Spouse(s) William Reese
Children 4 (including Mason Reese)

Sonia Darrin (born Sonia Paskowitz; June 16, 1924) is a retired American film actress, best known as "Agnes Lowzier" in The Big Sleep (1946).[1]

Early years[edit]

Darrin was born to Louis and Rose Paskowitz, Jewish emigrants from Russia, who immigrated to Galveston, Texas. She has two brothers, Adrian and Dorian.[2] Her father operated a clothing store in Galveston. Around 1940, the family moved to Los Angeles, California.[3]


Darrin danced in the film Lady in the Dark (1944) and worked with Ed Wynn and Alan Young on their early television programs.[3]

Personal life[edit]

Darrin married William "Bill" Reese,[when?] a theater set designer and marketing services company president. The couple had four children, three sons and a daughter, and lived in Manhattan. Their youngest son is the former child actor Mason Reese. Her last two public appearances were on The Mike Douglas Show in the 1970s, and in a documentary film about her brother, Dorian, in 2007.[4]

She has resided on the Upper West Side of Manhattan for over 50 years.[2]

Partial filmography[edit]


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