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The Sony Ericsson Elm (J10 and J10i2) is a cell phone released in 2010.[1]

Sony Ericsson Elm J10i2

The phone is one of Sony Ericsson's earliest environmentally friendly "Greenheart" range, featuring devices made of recycled materials, longer battery life and low-energy chargers, as well as minimal use of paper through reduced packaging and the replacement of the traditional printed user manual with one stored on the phone.

The J10 variant has a second video call camera on display side, whereas the J10i2 features A-GPS and Wi-Fi.

The phone also came with social media widgets built in, such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

Upon release, the phone was available in two color schemes: black/silver (matte-black frame with silver-coloured battery lid), and pink.

Apart from the form factor and the very minor software changes required by the difference in form, the Elm is feature-wise identical to the Sony Ericsson Hazel (J20i).


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