Soy Sauce (album)

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Soy Sauce
Studio album by Mexican Institute of Sound
Released 2009
Genre Electronic
Mexican Institute of Sound chronology
Soy Sauce

Soy Sauce is the third full-length album of Mexican Institute of Sound.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Cumbia
  2. Alocatel ("Get Crazy")
  3. Yo Digo Baila ("I Say Dance")
  4. White Stripes
  5. Hiedra Venenosa ("Poison ivy")
  6. Te Quiero Mucho ("I Love You So Much")
  7. Jalale ("Pull It")
  8. Comite Culificador Part 1
  9. Comite Culificador Part 2
  10. Karate Kid 2
  11. Reventon ("Great Party")
  12. Sinfonia Agridulce ("Bittersweet Symphony")
  13. Alocatel (Ad Rock Remix)
  14. Chiflideur

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