Spec Ops (series)

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Spec Ops
Developer(s)Zombie Studios (1998–2001)
Runecraft (2000–1)
Big Grub (2002)
Yager Development (2012)
Publisher(s)Ripcord Games (1998–9)
Take-Two Interactive (2000–1)
Gotham Games (2002)
2K Games (2012)
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Dreamcast, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, OS X, Linux
First releaseSpec Ops: Rangers Lead the Way
April 30, 1998
Latest releaseSpec Ops: The Line
June 26, 2012

Spec Ops is a series of tactical shooter video games. The first two games were developed by Zombie Studios, while Runecraft assisted development on the next three games, and the sixth game in 2002 developed by Big Grub.

The first two games were published by Ripcord Games, with the following three published by Take-Two Interactive, and the sixth game in 2002 published by Gotham Games.

The series was revived 10 years later in 2012 as a third-person cover shooter with Yager Development taking over development and 2K Games taking over publishing.


It was decided to make Spec Ops into an ongoing franchise while the first game, Spec Ops: Rangers Lead the Way, was still in development. Executive producer Mike Suarez reasoned that the audience for simulation fans "is very loyal; they buy six to twelve products in every year. It's a real evergreen business if you can launch a successful franchise in the simulations category."[1]

Spec Ops: The Line rebooted the Spec Ops series as a third person cover shooter with arcade style gameplay. It received widespread critical acclaim and cult classic status for its dark story that explores the morality and psychological consequences of war and the shooter genre itself. However, the game was a commercial flop, leading to the Spec Ops series being cancelled following its release.[2]



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