Spinks Akromaster

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Role Aerobatic aircraft
National origin United States
Designer Charlie Hillard

The Spinks Akromaster is an aerobatic aircraft that was designed by Charlie Hillard.[1]

Design and development[edit]

"Pappy" Spinks provided the funding and name to Charlie Hillard for the creation of the Akromaster.[2]

The Akromaster is a single-seat, low-wing, monoplane with conventional landing gear and a symmetrical airfoil. It features inverted fuel and oil systems and an air show smoke system.[3][4]

Operational history[edit]

During certification testing of the cabin version of the Akromaster, aerobatic pilot Harold Krier was unable to recover from a flat spin and died due to a parachute malfunction.[2]

Charlie Hillard flew the Akromaster prior to forming the Red Devils aerobatic team. Hillard placed third in the 1970 world aerobatic championships with the aircraft.[5]

Specifications (Akromaster)[edit]

Data from Air Trails[1]

General characteristics


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