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Spurgeons is a charitable organisation charity "providing the support that will enable these children to enjoy their childhood and fulfil their true potential"[1] based in England with international projects in Romania, Moldova,[2] Kenya and Uganda.[3]


Spurgeons was founded in 1867 by Charles Haddon Spurgeon, to care for fatherless boys (the first girls were accepted in 1879). The original orphanage, in Stockwell, was the base for most of the charity's first century, until a move to Reigate and then Birchington, in Kent.

The orphanage was closed in 1979. Since then the charity's work has grown and developed across the UK and around the world.

Current operations[edit]

Spurgeons head office is based in Rushden with several offices in the UK.

Spurgeons works in 3 geographic regions each run by an Deputy Director of Children's Services who has direct responsibility for any projects operating in the area.

Spurgeons works with vulnerable families, children and young people.

Its international projects are based in Romania.

Spurgeons collaborates with the School Councils UK.

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