St Francis of Assisi Church (Valletta)

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Church of St Francis of Assisi
Knisja ta' San Franġisk
Church of St Francis of Assisi is located in Malta
Church of St Francis of Assisi
Church of St Francis of Assisi
35°53′50.2″N 14°30′38.9″E / 35.897278°N 14.510806°E / 35.897278; 14.510806
Location Valletta
Country Malta
Denomination Roman Catholic
Founded 1598
Dedication St Francis of Assisi
Status Active
Functional status Conventual church
Architectural type Church
Style Baroque
Completed 1607
Number of domes 1
Archdiocese Malta
Archbishop Paul Cremona
Vicar(s) Charles Baldacchino
Rector Arthur Saliba

St Francis of Assisi Church, dedicated to St Francis of Assisi (Maltese: San Franġisk t'Assisi), in Valletta (the capital city of Malta), was built in 1598 and was completed by 1607. After a few decades, however, the church developed structural defects and in 1681 it was built anew through the "munificence" of Grand Master Gregorio Carafa, whose coat of arms adorns the façade.

The church was enlarged in the 1920s following plans by Emanuel Borg, which also included a dome. This implied the removal of some of the frescos by Giuseppe Calì, which were replaced with others by Gianni Vella.

Interior of the church

However the church still hosts precious works of art including paintings by Mattia Preti, Pietro Gagliardi and Filippo Paladini, as well as the titular statue of St Francis.


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Coordinates: 35°53′50″N 14°30′39″E / 35.89722°N 14.51083°E / 35.89722; 14.51083