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Stackton Tressel is a fictional, archetypical English village.

Originally featuring in the 1974 Edinburgh Festival and then on the London stage,[1] the exploits of its most notable residents, Doctor Evadne Hinge and Dame Hilda Bracket, were broadcast by the BBC – on both radio and television – during the 1970s and 1980s.

The radio series included:[1]

  • 1978/9 The Enchanting World of Hinge and Bracket
  • 1983/9 The Random Jottings of Hinge and Bracket
  • 1990 At Home with Hinge and Bracket [2]

There were 21 episodes of Dear Ladies, as the BBC TV programme was called, broadcast for the first time in 1983/4.[3] The writers were George Logan and Patrick Fyffe, who played the starring roles, plus Gyles Brandreth.

Stackton Tressel (or simply Stackton) was said to be in Suffolk though location filming for the TV Series of Dear Ladies took place in the Cheshire towns and villages of Knutsford, Great Budworth and Nantwich. In some episodes of Dear Ladies Stackton Tressel appears to be larger than a village with a town council, department store (Ahlers) and several other shops.

The name of Stackton Tressel is based upon the village of Acton Trussell in Staffordshire, birthplace of Patrick Fyffe.


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