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State Route 58 primary marker State Route 58 secondary marker

State Route 58
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Length: 94.94 mi (152.79 km)
Major junctions
South end: SR 157 at Georgia State Line in Lookout Mountain

I-24 / SR 27 in Chattanooga
US 11 / US 41 / US 64 / US 72 / SR 2 in Chattanooga
I-124 / US 27 / SR 29 in Chattanooga
SR 153 / SR 319 at Chattanooga
SR 60 in Georgetown
SR 30 in Decatur
SR 68 in Ten Mile
SR 72 near Midway
US 70 / SR 1 in Kingston

I-40 in Kingston
North end: SR 95 in Oak Ridge
Counties: Hamilton, Meigs, Roane
Highway system
US 58 SR 59

State Route 58 (SR 58), also called "Highway 58", is a north–south state highway in the U.S. state of Tennessee that serves as a major route for many communities in Roane, Meigs, and Hamilton counties.

The section of Route 58 in Chattanooga between State Route 153 and Riverside Drive, connecting with State Route 319, is known as "Amnicola Highway". The main campus of Chattanooga State Community College is commonly known as the Amnicola campus due to its location on Amnicola Highway.

Route 58 joins Interstate 40 for part of its route in Roane County, from the Kingston exit (352) east to the Oak Ridge exit (356) west of Oak Ridge.


Prior to the construction of I-40, SR 58 followed US 70/SR 1 between Kingston and SR 326, which it followed to meet up with the current route. The exact date of when this change occurred is unclear.

Route Description[edit]

Hamilton County[edit]

SR 58 begins as a secondary highway in Hamilton County at the Georgia state line in Lookout Mountain, where the road continues as SR 157. It goes north through Lookout Mountain before leaving the scenic town at an intersection and becoming concurrent with SR 17 and entering Chattanooga. It then enters downtown and has an intersection and short concurrency with US 41/US 11/US 64/US 72/SR 2. It then turns west and has an interchange with I-124/US 27/SR 27/SR 29, before turning north again to intersect SR 316 and turn east, passing under the P. R. Olgiati Bridge. SR 58 then travels along the banks of the Tennessee River along the northern edge of downtown before leaving the downtown and having interchange and becoming concurrent with SR 319. They then come to an interchange with the SR 153 freeway, where SR 58 becomes concurrent with it and SR 319 ends, just south of the Chickamauga Dam. SR 58 becomes a primary highway and follows SR 153 south for a short distance until the interchange with SR 17, where they separate and SR 58 continues east, paralleling Chickamauga Lake/Tennessee River once again. SR 58 then goes east and leaves Chattanooga, entering Harrison. It goes straight through Harrison before turning north and crossing Chickamauga Lake, leaving Harrison. SR 58 then intersects and has a short concurrency with SR 312 in the community of Snow Hill, just west of Ooltewah. It continues north to Georgetown, where it has an intersection with SR 60 before crossing into Meigs County.

Meigs County[edit]

In Meigs County, it has an intersection with SR 306 before crossing the Hiwassee River. SR 58 then continues north through the flat fertile farmland of Meigs County before entering Decatur and intersecting SR 30. SR 58 then goes through downtown to intersect SR 304 before going through a small business and residential district before leaving Decatur, continuing north. It continues through farmland to Ten Mile, where it intersects with SR 68. It continues north through Ten Mile before leaving Ten Mile and crossing into Roane County.

Roane County[edit]

It continues through rural southeast Roane county to an intersection with SR 72 just west of Midway. It continues north and has another intersection with SR 304 before crossing Watts Bar Lake and entering Kingston, immediately passing by Fort Southwest Point. It then runs along the shores of the lake before entering downtown and junctioning with US 70/SR 1. It then continues through downtown to have an interchange and become concurrent with I-40. SR 58 then follows I-40 east for 4-miles, between exits 352 and 356. At exit 356, SR 58 breaks off and continues north, intersecting SR 326 at the same interchange. SR 58 continues north and crosses over the Clinch River to enter Oak Ridge, immediately passing by the K-25 nuclear weapons facility. It then has an intersection with SR 327 before ending at a trumpet interchange with SR 95, just a few miles outside of Oak Ridge's main business district.

Major Intersections[edit]

SR 157 at the Georgia state line in Lookout Mountain (Red Riding Hood Trail; southern terminus; south to Menlo, GA and Cloudland Canyon State Park)
SR 17 in Lookout Mountain (St. Elmo Avenue; southern end of SR 17 concurrency; south to Georgia)
US 11 / US 41 / US 64 / US 72 / SR 2 in Chattanooga (Broad Street; southern end of US 11/US 41/US 64/US 72/SR 2 concurrency; west to Tiftonia, Haletown, Jasper, and South Pittsburg)
I-24 / US 27 / SR 27 / SR 29 in Chattanooga (Exit 178; west to Nashville and east to Knoxville)
US 11 / US 41 / US 64 / US 72 / SR 17 / SR 2 in Chattanooga (West 20th Street/Broad Street; northern end of US 11/US 41/US 64/US 72/SR 17/SR 2 concurrency; US 41/US 72/SR 2 (Broad Street) north to downtown; US 11/US 64/SR 17 east to East Ridge)
I-124 / US 27 / SR 27 / SR 29 in Chattanooga (Exit 1, 1A, 1B, & 1C; north to Soddy Daisy and south to Georgia)
SR 316 in Chattanooga (Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard; western terminus of SR 316; east to US 27 and downtown)
SR 319 in Chattanooga (DuPont Parkway; interchange; southern end of SR 319 wrong way concurrency; north to Hixson and Soddy Daisy)
SR 153 in Chattanooga (Exit 6; southern end of SR 153 wrong way concurrency; southern terminus of SR 319; north to Hixson)
SR 153 / SR 17 in Chattanooga (Exit 5 A/B; northern end of SR 153 wrong way concurrency; northern terminus of SR 17; SR 17 south (Bonny Oaks Drive) to downtown; SR 153 south to Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport and I-75)
SR 312 in Snow Hill (Birchwood Pike; southern end of SR 312 concurrency; west to Birchwood)
SR 312 in Snow Hill (Mahan Gap Road; northern end of SR 312 concurrency; east to Cleveland)
SR 60 in Georgetown (Georgetown Road; east to Dayton and west to Cleveland and I-75)
SR 306 north of Georgetown (Brittsville Road; northern terminus of SR 306; south to Cleveland)
Bridge across Tennessee River/Chickamauga Lake
SR 30 in Decatur (William Jennings Bryan Highway/David W. Lilliard Memorial Highway; west to Dayton and east to Athens)
SR 304 in Decatur (River Road; southern terminus of SR 304; north to Watts Bar Dam, Watts Bar Lake, and Watts Bar Nuclear Generating Station)
SR 68 in Ten Mile (Watts Bar Highway; west to Watts Bar Dam and Spring City and east to Sweetwater)
SR 72 west of Midway (Loudon Highway; western terminus of SR 72; east to Midway and Loudon)
SR 304 south of Kingston (River Road; northern terminus of SR 304; south to Ten Mile and Watts Bar Dam)
Bridge over Watts Bar Lake
US 70 / SR 1 in Kingston (Race Street; west to Midtown and Rockwood and east to Farragut and Knoxville)
I-40 in Kingston (Exit 352; southern end of I-40 concurrency; west to Nashville)

Lawnville Road east of Kingston (Exit 355; shortcut to Oak Ridge and US 70)

I-40 / SR 326 west of Kingston (Exit 356 A/B; northern end of I-40 concurrency; northern terminus of SR 326; I-40 east to Knoxville; SR 326 south (Gallaher Road) to US 70)

Bear Creek Road in Oak Ridge (interchange; provides access to K-25 and Y-12)

SR 327 in Oak Ridge (Blair Road; southern terminus of SR 327; north to Harriman and Oliver Springs; provides access to K-25)

SR 95 in Oak Ridge (Oak Ridge Turnpike/White Wing Road; northern terminus; interchange; north to Oak Ridge's Business District and Clinton and south to Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and Lenoir City)

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