Staten Island Legal Services

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Staten Island Legal Services
Founded 2004
Type Non-profit
Services Legal services
Fields Free legal services to low-income residents of Staten Island
Key people
Nancy Goldhill, Project Director
Mission To provide high quality legal assistance that improves the lives and communities of low-income Staten Island residents, addresses the causes of poverty, and ensures equal access to justice.

Staten Island Legal Services (SILS) is an American non-profit agency providing free civil legal assistance to low-income people on Staten Island in New York City.[1] SILS has served more than 10,000 clients after its creation in 2004.[2]


The agency provides legal services in areas including of family law, domestic violence, immigration, foreclosure prevention, and disaster recovery services (post–Hurricane Sandy).[3][4][5][6] SILS also provides advice or referral information if unable to provide representation.[7][8][9] Special projects have included defending the rights of the disabled to reasonable accommodations from the New York City Housing Authority.[10][11]

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